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Digimon Card Game – Digital Hazard Delayed in Oceania

The second EX set to follow last year’s Classic Collection will be Digital Hazard, a smaller booster that will focus on the Digimon Tamers anime series and will inject several new Digimon and archetypes for the first time. While most regions only have to wait until June 24th for the release of the set, unfortunately, those living in Oceania will have to wait longer, with Bandai not sharing an exact release date as of yet. 

While the June 24th release date is still in place for most regions, the official Digimon Card Game website now shows a vague Mid-July release date for Oceania. When we have seen these kinds of delays in the past, it’s usually around two weeks later. This time, the gap seems a little bigger, with it having to be at least three weeks if the set is landing in the middle of the month. 

 Digital Hazard Delay

It is not the first time that the Digimon Card Game has run into delays, with several sets being delayed last year in certain regions as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic. This was the case with the first EX set, the Classic Collection, which was released in December for Europe, Oceania and Latin America but was pushed back to January in North America. 

This set, much like the Classic Collection, will be more limited than the standard booster but will be jam-packed with brand-new archetypes and incredible artwork.EX-02 Digital Hazard is made up of 74 types of Cards – 26 Common, 20 Uncommon,18 Rare,8 SR and 2 SEC. Bandai has also shared that EX-02 Digital Hazard will have 30 different alternate arts in the set. Digital Hazard has already been released for the Japanese version of the game on December 24th, with the English version expected on June 24th. 

If you are interested in this set and would like to learn more about the new archetypes and the most valuable cards, you can check out our list below – 

Digimon Card Game – Digital Hazard Guilmon chain

Digimon Card Game – Digital Hazard Renamon chain

Digimon Card Game – Digital Hazard Terriermon chain

Digimon Card Game Market – The most valuable cards of Digital Hazard 

Digimon Card Game: EX02 Digital Hazard – Beelzemon support

Digimon Card Game – SECs of Digital Hazard 

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