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Digimon Card Game – Digital Hazard Guilmon chain

The next EX set coming to the Digimon Card Game, EX02 Digital Hazard, releases today! (June 24th). This smaller booster includes several new archetypes based on the Digimon Tamers set, including the new Guilmon chain that is designed to stop your opponent from keeping lower-level Digimon in their Battle Area, so that you can put pressure on them.

Disclaimer – Some of the images & text used in this article are English concepts created by Digimon.Dev and may differ from the official cards.

Guilmon cards

The Inherited Effects of the lower level Digimon are specifically designed for this chain, with Gigimon offering a draw mechanic every time this card or its Digivolutions attacks. Guilmon lets your Growlmon or Gallantmon cards delete an opponent’s Digimon with 3000DP when attacking, with Growlmon also having the same Inherited Effect. The Effect of Guilmon gives you a helpful search ability, while Growlmon lets you delete more lower DP Digimon while attacking.

It’s clear that this deck is designed to stop your opponent from keeping lower-level Digimon in their Battle Area, allowing you to put a lot of pressure on your opponent when swinging at their higher level Digimon. The effects that increase the stated DP for deleting Digimon on these cards can keep stacking, which means you can start taking out even higher DP Digimon on their side of the field to leave them with very little to defend themselves. Tonamikanji is responsible for the fantastic artwork of all three of these cards, who has done a great job of making them look aggressive, which is fitting for the deck mechanic.

Guilmon cards
Guilmon cards

Matsuda Takato is the tamer of this archetype, giving Digimon in this chain Blitz when they Digivolve. Also, when you delete an opponent’s Digimon, you gain +1 memory, which is a nice little bonus. This is the first time this Tamer has been seen within the Digimon TCG, which will be one of several characters from the popular Digimon Tamers anime series that will be included in the EX-02 Digital Hazard set. Just like the Guilmon line, other Tamers and their Digimon will be themes for certain archetypes, such as Rika Nonaka and Renamon. 

Guilmon cards

Although Attack Plug-in A is a red card, as long as you have a Tamer in play, it can actually be played in any colour deck like the other Plug-in cards of EX-02 Digital Hazard. This card gives a Digimon +1 security Attack when played normally, and allows you to search for a Tamer card if it is the security. The Fireball Option card continues the theme of deleting lower DP Digimon, for just 2 memory. This card has a secondary effect, which lets you draw 2 cards if a Digimon wasn’t destroyed by the first part of the effect.

EX-02 Digital Hazard is made up of 74 types of Cards – 26 Common, 20 Uncommon,18 Rare,8 SR and 2 SEC. Bandai also shared that EX-02 Digital Hazard will have 30 different alternate arts. To learn more about this set and the cards coming with it, you can check out our articles below – 

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