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Digimon Card Game – Our Digital Hazard Top Picks

The Digital Hazard set is marked for a June 24th release date for the English version of the game. This set, much like the Classic Collection, will be more limited than the standard booster but will be jam-packed with brand new archetypes and incredible artwork. In this article, we share our top Digital Hazard picks and give our reasons why we are excited to see them enter the Digimon Card Game.

Digital Hazard Digimon Card Game

The Digital Hazard set will include the Tamers and the companions from the Digimon Tamers anime series. SaintGargomon works with the Terriermon deck mechanic, which puts your opponent’s Digimon into rest in order to use the Inherited Effects of the stack. SaintGargomon not only stops your opponent’s Digimon from going into active next turn, but after it attacks, it returns a rested Digimon to the hand if the DP is higher than the selected Digimon. To learn more about the Terriermon chain, click here

Tonamikanji is responsible for the fantastic artwork of Megidramon, who has done a great job of making it look vicious and aggressive, which is fitting for this Digimon. The Guilmon chain is designed to stop your opponent from keeping lower-level Digimon in their Battle Area, allowing you to put a lot of pressure on your opponent when swinging at their higher level Digimon.

Digital Hazard Digimon Card Game

The Leomon SR is one of the best artworks we have seen in a long time, with the depth and detail of the artwork looking intense. This card will be useful in play, as it becomes Blocker if you have a Tamer in play and also allows you to gain memory and draw a card. 

Introducing IceDevimon into the Digimon TCG for the first time, the artist of this card, Koki, has done a great job for this evil Digimon’s debut. In the Tamers series, IceDevimon is one of the villains who stalked Rika Nonaka, believing that she was as harsh and cruel as himself.

Despite being a Digitama, Mother D-Reaper can actually be played in the Battle Area as it has DP. This is a first for the game and could be the beginning of Digitama that can exist in the Battle Area as a form of support. As D-Reaper cards have no level, it is unlikely they can Digivolve or get deleted by cards that state a specific level. This will make them incredibly difficult for certain decks to beat. The artwork of Mother D-Reaper, and the other D-Reaper cards, are interesting in the way that they appear to be screenshotted straight from the anime, rather than artist interpretations.

Digital Hazard Digimon Card Game

Justimon was the result of Ryo Akiyama and his Digimon partner biomerging together to face D-Reaper. Justimon has two other fighting modes, Critical Arm and Accel Arm, which will most likely make an appearance in the Digimon Card Game at some point in the future.

When you think about the Digimon Tamers series, the adorable Calumon may pop to mind. You may have noticed that Calumon doesn’t have a level stated, which is a detail added for continuity, as the Digimon is shrouded in mystery. The artwork of this card is very similar to the reference book artwork seen in the older Hyper Colosseum and the Digi-Battle card games, which has recently been resued in the first EX set, the Classic Collection. If you would like to check out our top picks for this set, click here.

Digital Hazard Digimon Card Game

Beelzemon has been a major fan favourite since his introduction in Digimon Tamers. The standard Beelzemon SR coming with the Digital Hazard set has been completed by Sasasi and has been illustrated in a pose that we haven’t seen him in before. The shadow detailing on this art is really impressive, with the blacks, purples and reds really fitting for his demonic appearance. Although we’ve already had one SEC of this card, which came with Special Booster 1.0, we will be getting a brand new version with Digital Hazard. Beelzemon: Blast Mode, which is a full art also illustrated by Sasasi, shows the demon Digimon looking incredibly cool armed with his smoking Corona Blaster.

Digital Hazard Digimon Card Game

Gallantmon: Crimson Mode is the final SEC of the Digital Hazard set. This Digimon’s artwork looks impactful and its in-game effects make it formidable in play. Not only does this Digimon delete the Digimon with the highest DP on your opponent’s side of the field but also trashes a number of Security cards from their stack, depending on how many cards are in the trash. 

EX-02 Digital Hazard is made up of 74 types of Cards – 26 Common, 20 Uncommon,18 Rare,8 SR and 2 SEC. Bandai has also shared that EX-02 Digital Hazard will have 30 different alternate arts in the set. Digital Hazard has already been released for the Japanese version of the game on December 24th, with the English version expected on June 24th. If you would like to learn more about this set, check out our articles below – 

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