DigimonDouble DiamondMarket Watch

Digimon Card Game – Double Diamond Market Watch

As was the case with a lot of Digimon TCG products throughout 2021, Double Diamond was met with a few delays which led to one of the biggest staggered releases we have seen in the game. While parts of Europe received their boosters back in October, North America had to wait until the end of November to get theirs. Now that it has been over a month since the release of the Double Diamond booster in all regions, we take a look at how the market has settled. 

Secret Rares of Double Diamond

The alternate art SEC of any Digimon TCG set typically become the most expensive of the set. Although this isn’t technically true with the Double Diamond set, as you will find out below, they are leaps and bounds above the other cards. The Beelstarmon alternate art has been selling for between $70 and $75. The alternate art Alphamon, however, is selling for around $40 on both TCG Player and eBay. The standard SEC version of Beelstarmon has been selling for around $28, while the standard Alphamon has been selling for between $18 and $20

Digimon Card Game Double Diamond
Digimon Card Game Double Diamond

The reason for this difference in price could be down to the growing popularity of Beelstarmon and the new Three Musketeer archetype. Another reason could be down to the fandom surrounding Beelstarmon, who is often considered the female equivalent of Beelzemon from the first Digimon TCG set, Special Booster 1.0.

The ‘Bonds’ cards 

Those who have never seen the Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna movie may be confused why Agumon – Bond of Bravery doesn’t look like a cute orange dinosaur. Those who have seen it, however, will know that it is the ultimate form of Agumon that is created from the strong bond with Tai. Gabumon also has a ‘Bonds’ Digivolution in the form of Gabumon – Bond of Friendship.

Digimon Card Game Double Diamond

The regular version of Agumon – Bond of Bravery is selling for between $2 and $4, while Gabumon – Bond of Friendship has been selling for around $4. The alternate art for Agumon – Bond of Bravery is currently selling for between $20 and $25, while the alt art of Gabumon – Bond of Friendship has been going for around $35


The alternate art version of Jesmon has been selling for an average of between $35 and $38 in the last week, making it one of the most expensive SR of the Double Diamond set, almost rivalling the price of the Alphamon alternate art. Its standard version is far more modest, holding a value of around $7

Sistermon Cards – 

Although the Sistermon cards are only classed as rares, their alternate art versions still come out on the higher end of the Double Diamond market. A major factor of this is down to their popularity within moe culture. The alt art Sistermon Blanc is currently worth between $35 and $40, while Sistermon Ciel is selling for between $30 and $45

Digimon Card Game Double Diamond

The other SRs Alternate Arts of Double Diamond – 

The other alt arts of the Double Diamond sets hold a much higher value than their standard version, with the alt art Dynasmon holding a $10 price tag, the alt art SkullGreymon worth around the $13 mark and the alt art Gankoomon selling for an average of $10

Ghost’ Omnimon

Ghost Omnimon has become a celebrity within the Digimon TCG and for good reason too. This card is the rarest booster card in the entire game, with the pull rate being incredibly low. The artwork of the card is the standard Omnimon design from Special Booster 1.0, only with most of its colour stripped. During the early weeks of the Double Diamond set, this card was achieving prices of $1925, $1399 and $1172 but has since dropped, with the latest sales being around $600 on both eBay and TCGPlayer

This week, the first PSA 10 Ghost Omnimon eBay sale took place, which went for an eyewatering $3850. To learn more about this sale, you can check out our article here. To keep up to date with all of our market analysis articles, as well as other Digimon TCG related news, make sure you follow Ludkins Media on  Instagram or Facebook

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