Digimon Card Game – Event Pack 3 & Regional prizes

The 2022 September and October English Regional events have been announced, revealing all of the alt art reprints selected for Event Pack 3. Everyone participating in these events will receive an Event Pack 3 for entering, as well as a set of 2022 Championship Digi-Egg sleeves, a 2022 Championship Memory Gauge and the 2022 Regionals Participation Card Set 2. Those in the top 128 will receive another Event Pack and a third if they get into the top 32. 

Event Pack 3 –

Event pack 3

The 2022 September and October Regional events are only available in-store, with no online option (yet) available. Those skilled enough to land in the top 16 will earn themselves a National Finals invite, with the top 8 getting the stamped Finalist set. As always, the top two players will win the stamped Regionals Champion card set, with the overall winner getting the Champion Card Set 2, the Champion playmat and a booster box. 

Regionals Card Set 2

Regionals Card Set

Event pack 3

You can sign up for the Regionals here, although more venues and sign-up links are yet to be added. If you would like to learn more about other Digimon Card Game events, or would like to catch up with the latest updates, check out the links below – 

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