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Digimon Card Game – EX02: Digital Hazard Renamon Cards

This Friday (June 24th), the second EX set, Digital Hazard, will release for the English version of the game for most regions. This smaller booster will include several new archetypes based on the Digimon Tamers set, including the new Renamon chain that works with the Plug-In cards also coming with the set. 

The Renamon archetype is all about getting the most out of playing low-cost Option cards. This can be seen in the early stages of this chain, with Viximon’s inherited effect letting you draw a card when you play a 2-cost Option card and Renamon’s inherited effect giving you extra memory. Kyubimon will reduce an opponent’s Digimon by -2000DP, while Taomon’s inherited effect will reduce that by another -2000DP if it was a 2-cost Plug-In card that was played. 

Digital Hazard Renamon

Renamon’s ‘on play’ effect has a fantastic searchability, allowing you to take one card belonging to this chain from the top four cards of your deck, making it easier to get the cards you need. When Digivolving, Kyubimon lets you take a Plug-In card with a cost of 2 from the top three cards of your deck, which will let the chain’s inherited effects kick in. When Taomon Digivolves, you can play a Rika Nonaka Tamer from your hand for free, which is a really nice bonus as Plug-In cards ignore colour requirements as long as there is a Tamer in play. 

Digital Hazard Renamon
Digital Hazard Renamon

For the price of suspending one of your Digimon, you can return one Plug-In card for every Tamer you have in play, which could be incredibly useful for this archetype that thrives off the use of low-level Option cards.In fact, when you play a 2 cost Option card while Sakuyamon is in play, one of your opponent’s Digimon gets a -3000DP decrease. 

Digital Hazard Renamon

Having a Tamer in play is really important for this deck, as Plug-In cards ignore colour requirements as long as a Tamer is in play. Rika Nonaka will bump your memory up to 3 if you have 2 or less, as well as letting you play a Plug-In for free from your hand when a Digimon in the Renamon chain attacks. 

Although there are no yellow specific Plug-In cards, while you have Rika Nonaka or another yellow Tamer in play, you don’t have to abide by colour requirements. Players will no doubt max out the amount of Rika cards they can have in a deck, as well as add some extra useful yellow Tamers like T.K. Takaishi & Kari Kamiya, which will let you gain 2 memory if you have less Security cards than your opponent. 

EX-02 Digital Hazard is made up of 74 types of Cards – 26 Common, 20 Uncommon,18 Rare,8 SR and 2 SEC. Bandai also shared that EX-02 Digital Hazard will have 30 different alternate arts.To learn more about this set and the cards coming with it, you can check out our articles below – 

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