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Digimon Card Game – EX4: Alternative Being Announced

While information is still scarce, the next EX set, EX4: Alternative Being, has been announced. This set will release on December 23rd, 2022, in Japan and will release in the English game early next year. 

It is likely that Omnimon Alter-S and ShineGreymon will have a focus in this set, as a new set of card sleeves will also release on the same day. This is supported by the name of the fourth EX set, which suggests it will focus on alternative ways of Digivolution, which would be an ideal theme for the smaller set. Mikagura Mirei and Shinomiya Rina sleeves will also release on the same day, who are Tamers from the  Digimon World Re:Digitize video game series. 

EX4: Alternative Being

In this set, there will 24 Commons, 20 Uncommons, 18 Rares, 10 Super Rares and 2 Secret Rares for a total of 74 cards. There should also be around 20 alternate arts included in the set, as seen in the past EX sets. 

While it is early days, more details are expected in the coming weeks. To keep up to date with all the latest EX4: Alternative Being updates, make sure you follow Ludkins Media on  Instagram and Facebook. To catch up on our latest Digimon Card Game articles, click on the links below – 

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