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Digimon Card Game: First Advanced Deck – Beelzemon

Beelzemon has been seeing a bit of love lately within the Digimon Card Game, with several cards coming with EX02 Digital Hazard. Well, it seems that Bandai is not done with giving the motorcycling demon Digi attention with the announcement of Starter Deck 14: Advanced Deck Beelzemon. 

The first Advanced Deck to be introduced within the Digimon Card Game will focus on Beelzemon. All of the cards included will have a silver foil, which is a first for the game. This deck has been designed to offer new players a more powerful deck to jump straight into the game, as well as allowing current players to build a deck around the advanced archetype. 

Advanced Deck Beelzemon

The Advanced Deck Beelzemon deck will also come with additional cards known as “lucky deck” cards, which will include special edition cards that can be used to tune the deck into a form that suits your play style. 

To celebrate the release of the Beelzemon Advanced Deck, Bandai are organising pre-release store tournaments that will offer up special promo cards for participants and a ‘Winner’ foil stamped prize card for the overall champions of these store events. What makes these events unique to anything else we have seen is that the tournaments will be limited to Purple decks only. 

Bandai is also offering a tutorial page on the official website to help players get their heads around this new deck, which will no doubt be a helpful tool for players. This means that players using cards from the new deck in the event can learn how to play prior to the tournament. Pre-release packs will contain all 12 cards from the Advanced Deck Beelzemon, as well as a card with ‘BEELZEMON CUP’ stamped on it to mark the occasion. 

 Beelzemon Advanced Deck content – 

  • Constructed Deck of 54 cards
  • 9 x ‘Lucky Deck’ / Switch cards
  • 2 x Memory Gauges
  • 60 X Themed Card Sleeves

The Beelzemon Advanced Deck will release on March 24th 2023 for the English version of the Digimon Card Game. To learn more about the previous Digimon Card Game starter decks, as well as the upcoming ones, check out the links below – 

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Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media Editor-in-Chief

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