Digimon Card Game: Floral Fun Playmat and Card Set

To celebrate the 1st anniversary of the Digimon TCG, Bandai released three Memorial collections into the Japanese version of the game. These binders contain a number of holo promo cards that have themed artwork, some of which introduce some interesting new styles into the TCG. The first of these collections, the Floral Fun Playmat and Card Set, is now on its way to the English version of the game.

 Floral Fun Card Set

The Floral Fun Playmat and Card Set were first released in Japan, with early sales taking place at the DigiFes events throughout August 2021. Although a large portion of these events took place online, people could attend in person at the Yokosuka Arts Theater. The Floral Fun Playmat and Card Set will come with eight parallel cards in each binder. Each card has some super soft, traditional Japanese artwork, marking a first for this kind of artistic style. Similar to the original promo binder that was given away as part of sweepstakes competitions and promotional material, this set will include the eight original Tamer companions – Tentomon, Patamon, Gomamon, Biyomon, Palmon, Agumon, Gatomon and Gabumon. The Playmat of the set is premium quality and shows all of the card arts connected, which will also be the design on the front and inside of the binder. 

 Floral Fun Card Set

The unique style of this set is like nothing else we have seen within the TCG, which will no doubt make it sought after by collectors and admirers of Digimon Card Game’s art. If you would like to learn more about the freelance illustrators that make the game so diverse, check out the links below – 

The Art of Digimon TCG: Ryuda

Digimon TCG: The art of Naochika Morishita

The Art of Digimon TCG: Ryuda

Digimon Card Game: The art of Koki

Pre-orders on the Premium Bandai website have now ended and will release in the coming days and throughout early October, although some online and local game stores may still be taking orders. Unfortunately, only people living in the US and Canada could pre-order this item through Premium Bandai, as those are the only places where Premium Bandai ship. This has been the case since the Tamer’s Evolution Box, which has led to some collectors having to pay inflated prices to get them elsewhere. Do you think it is unfair that Premium Bandai doesn’t cover more regions? 

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