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Digimon Card Game Gen Con 2022: DC-1 Participation Set and prize cards

Gen Con 2022 Indy is returning to the Indiana Convention Center, allowing gaming fans to gather and share their love of board games and trading card games. Several events will be held at this event, including offline and online Digimon Card Game tournaments being held over two days, allowing fans to get their hands on a fantastic participation set and potentially win the top prize cards. 

Gen Con 2022 will take place between August 4th and 7th and will offer tables to several leading board game and card game creators. There will also be an Online convention for this event, which will feature several formats of gaming, entertainment and Twitch streams. The Digimon Card Game Regionals event will also take place between the 4th and 7th. It will cost the player around $75 to enter the 9-hour event but everyone who enters will get the Participation Set which includes several ST 7: Gallantmon alternate arts, as well as a play mat and card sleeves themed around the new artwork. 

Gen Con 2022

The Participation set includes 1 playmat, 60 sleeves and 8 cards – 4x Guilmon P-041 alt arts and 4x foiled Lightning Joust ST7-11. When it comes to the prizes, the top 64 players will get the ST7-05 Growlmon alt art, the top 32 players will receive the ST7-08 WarGrowlmon alt art and the top 8 will win a EX2-011 Gallantmon alt art. 

Gen Con 2022

Schedule – 


Thursday August 4 – Ultimate Cup – $70 – 128 players

Friday August 5 – Regional – $74 – 256 players

Saturday August 6 – Regional – $74 – 256 players

Sunday August 7 – DC-1 – $70 – 128 players


Friday August 5 – DC-1 – $80 – 512 players 

Sunday August 7 – Regional – $80 – 512 

There will also be plenty of other games showcased at the Con, with plenty of TCG events taking place. To learn more, you can head over to the official website.  Registration links for these events are now live, for those who plan on entering the tournament. If you would like to check out more event prize cards, click on the links below – 

Digimon Card Game – Official Tournament Pack Vol.5 & New Awakening Winner Pack

Digimon Card Game August 2022 Store Championship

Digimon Card Game – Online Regionals kick off this weekend

The Tournament top prize cards of the Digimon Card Game

Digimon Card Game – a closer look at the Premier TO prize cards

Digimon Card Game – Ulforceveedramon DC-1 Grand Prix prize card sells for $1650!

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