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Digimon Card Game – Ghost Alphamon

The next Japanese set in the Digimon Card Game, Xros Encounter, has been released. This set will focus on the Xros Wars anime series, better known as Digimon Fusion in the West. Although there are several sought after cards coming with this set, the rarest and most valuable is the second ever ‘Ghost Rare’ of the Digimon Card Game, Ghost Alphamon. 

The first Ghost Rare of the Digimon Card Game was Ghost Omnimon, which took the original Omnimon artwork from BT1 and drained most of it its colour, leaving only a few vibrant colours. This time around, the artwork of Alphamon has been etched out in gold foil, contrasting against the black background. 

Ghost Alphamon

Previously, Ghost Omnimon was the rarest booster card (non-tournament) in the entire game, believed to have had a one in three carton chance of pulling, with the English counterpart having a similarly low pull rate. Ghost Alphamon could possibly be even rarer, with early speculations claiming it could be a 1 in 5 to 10 carton chance, although the claim is yet to be backed up. When Double Diamond was first released late last year, we reported sale prices of  $1025,$1200 and $1694 for raw copies. It seems that Ghost Alphamon will share a similar value, with the first listings of this card asking for $1377 and $1500, with the latter already selling out. Although the Ghost cards hold impressive values, they are not the most valuable cards in the game, with the top tournament prize cards holding the top spots. To learn more about one of the latest big sales, click here

Ghost Alphamon

While the English version of Xros Encounter was released Friday (June 3rd) for the Japanese version of the game, fans of the English game will have to wait until October 14th. To learn more about this upcoming set, you can check out our links below – 

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Digimon Card Game – latest Xros Encounter reveals

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