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Digimon Card Game Gift Box 2 – Draconic Roar

The first image of the Digimon Card Game Gift Box 2 has been revealed on the website of an online store. This gift box will be similar to last year’s Gift Box that was released alongside the Classic Collection and the upcoming Adventure Box which could mean that every EX set will get a special box product. Although the specifics of this set are yet to be revealed, including the promo cards coming with it, the image does show an interesting addition. 

The first Gift Box released alongside the Classic Collection included booster packs, a promo WarGreymon, a Memory Counter Case and a collectable Memory Counter. This time, the focus will be on the recently announced EX03 Draconic Roar booster, releasing this winter, with the booster packs coming from the future set. Information on this set is incredibly scarce, although the set name does give an obvious theme. 

Digimon Card Game Gift Box 2

From what can be seen from the leaked image, the Digimon Card Game Gift Box 2 will include four Draconic Roar booster packs. The promo card for this set is yet to be revealed, although it is safe to say it will be a dragon type Digimon. With Chaosdromon shown on the box art of the set, could this Digimon also be the promo? When it came to the Classic Collection, the promo was a WarGreymon, who also appeared on the pack art for that set. To learn more about Draconic Roar, check out our article here. This time around, the counter and case will be substituted for several DP Reduction/Increase counters which will make it easier for players to keep track of any DP changes made to a Digimon. These appear to be clear plastic with artwork on them, which will be slotted beneath the Digimon. 

The Digimon Card Game Gift Box 2 shouldn’t be confused with the first Adventure Box, which will include Digital Hazard boosters inside of it and will release on July 29th. The most major difference between the two is the inclusion of a collectable figure that can be used as a memory marker. To learn more about this fantastic product, check out our article here

The Digimon Card Game Gift Box 2 will release on November 4th for the English version of the game, which will run alongside the release of the Draconic Roar booster set. The set is believed to release in Japan on July 29th, despite no cards being revealed yet. To learn more about the products coming before the Gift Box 2, you can check out our articles below – While you wait for updates on this new EX set, you can check out the products releasing before them – 

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