Digimon Card Game – July Store Tournament info

Registration for the July Store Tournament events are now open for players looking to compete in store against other local players. Now that restrictions are more relaxed when it comes to organised play, stores will have the option to host four 8-player events, two 16-player events or one 32-player event, depending on the number of players registered. 

Official Tournament Pack Vol.5 – 

The Official Tournament Pack Vol.5 will be given to those participating in the July Store Tournament. This time, the focus will be on the latest Digimon anime series, Ghost Game, and the lead Digimon and Tamers from that series including Gammamon, Angoramon and Jellymon. 

July Store Tournament
July Store Tournament
July Store Tournament
July Store Tournament

The Official Tournament Pack Vol.5 is themed around the Ghost Game anime that was first released in October 2021. Ghost Game is an incredibly unique series for the franchise, having a horror theme based on Japanese folklore and ghost stories. On March 6th of this year (2022)  Toei Animation’s network was hacked, forcing it to go on a production hiatus after just 21 episodes. Luckily, the issue has since been fixed and will return to screens later this year, although the specific date is yet to be announced. In Japan, this pack was known as the Digimon Ghost Game promotion pack campaign and was awarded to players taking part in the Tamer Meeting events in December 2021. 

New Awakening Winner Pack –

 Winners of the event will receive the New Awakening Winner Pack, which includes some nice alternate arts for the first time. The cards coming in this pack were first introduced to the English version of the game in the Tamer Battle Pack 8, which were handed out at events in October 2021. Each pack comes with one card and there are a total of four to collect. The first card of the New Awakening Winner Pack is an alternate art Goblimon that shows the Digimon from another angle as he marches with his buddies. Next is an adorable alternate art of DemiMeramon and a more gentle version of Anylamon, that came with Special Booster 1.5. The final card of this pack is Gabumon, who is also on the artwork of the pack.

July Store Tournament

To register for the July Store Tournament, head over to the Bandai Namco to sign up and then register your profile on the TCG+ page or app. After that, you can check the Event Search page to find an event close to you. To keep up to date with all the latest Digimon TCG-related news, as well as future competitive event updates, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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