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Digimon Card Game: Low Pull Rate Box Topper Announced!

The official Japanese Digimon Card Game Twitter account has revealed that a low pull rate box topper will be included with the Dimensional Phase booster set, which will release in the English Digimon Card Game early next year, following the release of the EX03 Draconic Roar set.

Hyper Colosseum Veedramon
Low Pull Rate Box Topper
Dimensional Phase Veedramon

The first box topper of the Dimensional Phase booster to be revealed is Veedramon, which is an alternate art version of the SEC that came with the first set of the Digimon Card Game, Special Booster 1.0. As we have seen since the beginning of the game, this low pull rate box topper pays homage to the original Hyper Colosseum card of this Digimon. While several cards like these have been scattered throughout the Digimon Card Game, such as the BT1 MetalGreymon and BT5 Omnimon X Anti-body, it was in the EX01 Classic Collection that we saw the biggest influx of Hyper Colosseum artwork. 

Low Pull Rate Box Topper

 Dimensional Phase, which will focus on the Digimon World video game titles with the entire set list now revealed. To take a closer look at this set, check out our article here. To catch up on our latest Digimon Card Game articles, follow the links below – 

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