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Digimon Card Game Market – Most Valuable Event Pack Cards

The Digimon Fest events continue this weekend in Europe and North America, offering skilled players a chance of getting their hands on the sought after prizes. Among the prizes handed out are the Event Pack 1, first handed out last year, and the new Event Pack 2. The cards included in these packs are alternate arts, with several achieving values over $60. In this article, we take a look at the most valuable of these cards.

Those lucky enough to secure a spot in one of the online or offline Digimon Fest Events will be coming out with at least three packs of Event Pack 1 and Event Pack 2, as these are part of the participation prizes. Everyone who enters will also receive a Fest Set and some Digimon Con Commemorative Sleeves.

Vilemon (Event Pack 1)

TCG Player value:$36

WarGreymon (Event Pack 1)

TCG Player value: $45
eBay: $45

DanDevimon (Event Pack 1)

Event Pack Cards
TCG Player value: $55
eBay – There haven’t been many sales on eBay in March for this card, with the last ones selling in January and February for around $100.

BushiAgumon (Event Pack 2)

Event Pack Cards
TCG Player value: $60 – $75
eBay – Due to a lack of listings on eBay, there has only been one recorded sale for $104. This will no doubt drop when more come onto the market. 

ToyAgumon (Event Pack 2)

Event Pack Cards
TCG Player value:$60 – $65
eBay – Sales of this card have been incredibly limited on eBay, so it’s difficult to find an accurate value. 

LordKnightmon (Event Pack 1)

TCG Player value: $60 – $70
eBay – $70$80

Impmon (Event Pack 2)

Event Pack Cards
TCG Player value: $80
eBay – $63

Anubismon (Event Pack 2)

Event Pack Cards
TCG Player value: $75 -$85
eBay – $90$110

Jesmon (Event Pack 2)

Event Pack Cards
TCG Player value: $100 – $140 
eBay – $130$136

As Digimon Fest is still in full swing, with many of the Event Packs yet to be sent out, sales are incredibly limited. This means that we will no doubt see a shift when more of these cards are listed. If you would like to learn more about Digimon Card Game Fest and all of the incredible prizes up for grabs, head over to our article here

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Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media

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