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Digimon Card Game – Most Valuable Booster Cards

Since the release of the Xros Encounter set a few weeks ago, there has been a slight shift in card values, with some climbing higher up the market. In this article, we look at the most valuable booster cards you can hope to pull from packs. 

Please keep in mind that the prices listed below reflect the time of writing and are subject to change in the coming months. 

Ghost / Gold Alphamon

The second big chase card of the Digimon Card Game, Ghost/Gold Alphamon, has an incredibly low pull rate like the Ghost Omnimon that came before it. This card, which debuted in the recently released Xros Encounter set, is the first card of the English game to have this gold foiling, although more are on the way with the upcoming BT11 Dimensional Phase set.

TCG Player value: (No value as of writing) 

eBay value: $870

Valuable cards

Ghost Omnimon

Ghost Omnimon has been a celebrity within the Digimon Card Game since it was first released in Japan. This card is the rarest booster card in the entire game, which was released in Double Diamond, with the pull rate being extremely low.

TCG Player value: $1100 – $1200

eBay value: $1000

Valuable cards

DeathXmon cards

In the anime, it was Alphamon who destroyed DexDorugoramon, whose shattered remains created this powerful Digimon. After a battle with Omnimon and Alphamon, Alphamon realises that DeathXmon is a part of him and impales himself and his opponent with his own sword, before merging back together to become Dorumon. 

DeathXmon Alternate Arts –

TCG Player value: $95 – $100

eBay value: $95

Valuable cards

DeathXmon Standard – 

TCG Player value: $70

eBay value: $65

BeelStarmon (Alternate Art)

BeelStarmon made her debut at the end of last year with the Double Diamond booster set. Being one of the SECs of the set, as well as a fan favourite within the franchise, the alternate art version of this card has become popular among collectors.

TCG Player value: $65

eBay value: $75

Valuable cards

Beelzemon (Alternate Art)

The Beelzemon was another chase card from the Special Booster 1.0, showing the Demon Digimon looking incredibly cool and laid back among the ruins of a battlefield.

TCG Player value: $60

eBay value: $55$65

Valuable cards

Machinedramon (Alternate Art)

This SEC alternate art stands out among the other retro-looking cards of the Classic Collection, with an illustration completed by Sasasi, who always does an incredible job of capturing action scenes.

TCG Player value: $60

eBay value: $65

Analog Youth (Alternate Art)

The most valuable card in the Classic Collection is the alternate art Analog Youth card. What’s really nice about this artwork is that it references the Digimon World game that was released back in 1999.

TCG Player value: $52 – $60

eBay value: $45$65

Valuable cards

Omnimon (Alternate Art)

This Omnimon alt art, which came with Special Booster 1.0, was the first big chase card of the Digimon Card Game back in January 2021. The artwork of this card pays homage to the classic artwork style seen in the original Digimon Hyper colosseum game, just like the Omnimon X Anti-body card that was later released with the Battle of Omni set, although the artwork for the alt art Omnimon was created brand new for the Digimon Card Game. 

TCG Player value: $39

eBay value: $30

DarkKnightmon (X Antibody) (Alternate Art)

DarkKnightmon (X Antibody)  first appeared in Digimon Chronicle X: “A Growing Threat”, in which the fused Digimon is locked in a fierce battle with its rival  Barbamon (X-Antibody).Eventually, DarkKnightmon manages to overcome the Demon Lord with the help of , Duftmon (X-Antibody).

TCG Player value: $51

eBay value: $30

Bloomlordmon (Alternate Art)

Bloomlordmon will be debuting for the first time with the Xros Encounter set, which also gets an alternate art with artwork created by Naochika Morishita. Morishita has been working on the Digimon Card Game from the very beginning, injecting his realistic art style into every piece, bringing Digimon with more humanoid forms to life.

TCG Player value: $50

eBay value: $45

Beelzemon Blast Mode (Alternate Art) 

Beelzemon is a fan favourite Digimon who is getting a lot of love lately, with the first Expert Deck focusing on the demon-type Digimon. The alt art version of Beelzemon Blast Mode looks incredible, with Beelzemon charging its Corona Blaster.

TCG Player value: $44 – $50

eBay value: $50

Jesmon (X Antibody) (Alternate Art) 

Jesmon is getting a lot of love this fall, also being the focus of the new ST12: Jesmon Starter Deck. This card works with Sistermon cards, allowing you to play one from your hand or trash for free. Also, if you have a Jesmon card in the Digivolution stack, you get to give your Digimon a nice +2000 DP increase, as well as allowing them to attack unsuspended Digimon until the end of your opponent’s turn. 

TCG Player value: $47

eBay value: $25

Now that Xros Encounter has been released, fans of the Digimon Card Game can start looking forward to the EX next booster, Draconic Roar. To learn more about this set, check out the links below – 

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Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media Editor-in-Chief

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