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Digimon Card Game – Most valuable cards from each set

The Digimon Card Game has had quite a slow start in 2022, with the first set of the year, Next Adventure, arriving on March 4th. Before this set comes along and changes the market landscape of the TCG, we take a look at the most valuable cards from each booster and see how they have been performing on the market. 

Note: The prices mentioned in this article reflect the time of writing and are subject to change

Classic Collection – Analog Youth (Alternate Art) 

Analog Youth (Alternate Art) is an option card that came with the Classic Collection and references the Digimon World games. Copies of this card have been selling for between $54 and $60, with similar values seen over on eBay also. 

Digimon Card Game value

Double Diamond – Ghost Omnimon

Ghost Omnimon has been a celebrity within the Digimon TCG since it was first released in Japan. This card is the rarest booster card in the entire game, with the pull rate being extremely low. During the early weeks of the Double Diamond set, this card was achieving prices of $1925, $1399 and $1172 but has since dropped, with the latest sales going for between $525 and $565 on eBay during February. TCG Player has seen a slightly higher value, with near mint copies selling for between $600 and $680.A PSA 10 copy of Ghost Omnimon sold for $3850 after 71 bids, with PSA 9 copies selling for $1025, $1500 and $1690 during January. 

Digimon Card Game value

Battle of Omni – Omnimon Zwart Defeat (Alternate Art)

Battle of Omni introduced several new Omnimon variations, with the Alternate Art Omnimon Zwart Defeat becoming the highest value card of the set. On average, copies of these cards have been selling for $65 on TCG Player, with copies selling for between $51 and $65 on eBay throughout February. 

Great Legend – Lucemon (Alternate Art)

The most valuable cards from the Great Legend booster set are the connecting art SECs, all illustrated by renowned artist Naochika Morishita, who has worked on several Digimon artworks throughout his career. The rarest card of the set is the alternate art Lucemon, which has had recent sales of  $54 and $57 on eBay, with similar prices achieved on TCG Player

Digimon Card Game value

Special Booster 1.5 – ShineGreymon (Alternate Art)

Both Special Booster 1.5 and 1.0 came with some really cool and unique alternate arts, including this ShineGreymon, which is currently the most valuable of Special Booster 1.5. Copies on TCG Player have an average sale price of $30, with copies selling for between $24 and $28 on eBay. 

Special Booster 1.0 – Omnimon (Alternate Art)

The first set released in the English game was Special Booster 1.0, which gave people the first incredibly memorable cards. The most sought after of the debuted cards was the alternate art Omnimon which instantly achieved a three-figure value.In April 2021, this card saw its peak value of around $300. By May, this card was selling for around $235 before settling at a $150 value during August and September last year. Now, in February 2022 , copies of this card have been selling for around $60 on TCG Player, although eBay has seen higher values of around $80

An SGC 9.5 copy of the original Omnimon alternate art went for $151 on December 2nd, while a BGS 9 sold for $137 after 39 bids. We haven’t seen many PSA sales of this card, so the value of a PSA 10 is yet to be determined.  

Digimon Card Game value

Although the Classic Collection is the last set to be released into the Digimon Card Game, Double Diamond is still the most current main booster, with several other cards achieving some impressive values. To learn more about how the Double Diamond set is performing within the Digimon TCG market, check out our article here

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