Digimon Card Game: What’s next? 

With the release of the New Awakening booster taking place over the weekend in Europe, Oceania and Latin America, many fans are getting into their boosters in the hopes of pulling the rarest cards of the set, such as Creepymon and Imperialdramon Paladin Mode. After North America get their release of the set on May 27th, fans of the Engish version of the Digimon Card Game may be curious to see what’s coming next for the TCG. 

Tamer’s Evolution Box 2 (May 25th)

The second Tamer’s Evolution Box will hit stores on May 25th for the US, while those in the UK should expect the product on May 27th. The first Tamer Evolution Box went down extremely well when the Digimon Card Game first began in 2020, which has only increased in value as the product becomes harder to source. This set will include a 2-player memory gauge, a deck box, 50 card sleeves and 5 digi-egg sleeves, an official Digimon Card Game playmat, a storage box and 8 full-art reprinted cards that come with both English and Japanese versions.

Digimon Card Game Tamer’s Set EX (June)

The Tamer’s Set EX, costing around $20, will come with an official card case sporting an exclusive design for the product. It will also come with 60 deck sleeves and a memory gauge, also featuring an exclusive design. The preorder for this item closed in January, although online and local stores will likely hold stock when it releases in June. 

Digimon Card Game release

Digimon Card Game Playmat and Card Set – Digimon Tamers (June)

This set will include an official Digimon Card Game playmat featuring an exclusive design. This set will focus on the Digimon Tamers series, with the playmat and the 8 promo cards reflecting this.  These cards were originally released in the Japanese Exclusive Memorial Collection 02.

Digimon Card Game release
Digimon Card Game release

Digital Hazard EX-02 (June 24th)

The Digital Hazard set will include the Tamers and the companions from the Digimon Tamers anime series. This set, much like the Classic Collection, will be more limited than the standard booster but will be jam-packed with brand new archetypes and incredible artwork. Digital Hazard will include 30 alt arts, with many of them taking scenes straight out of the anime for the card art. 

Digimon Card Game release

Booster X Record (July 29th)

The third main set of 2022, X-Record, will focus on the incredibly powerful X-Antibody Digimon that have appeared in several movies and manga, including Digital Monster X-Evolution, Digimon Chronicle, Digimon Chronicle X and Digimon D-Cyber. This theme offered up a lot of freedom when designing the X-Antibody forms, which has resulted in a seriously impressive looking set. 

Digimon Card Game Playmat and Card Set 2 -Floral Fun (September, 2022)

The Floral Fun Playmat and Card Set will come with eight parallel cards in each binder. Each card has some super soft, traditional Japanese artwork, marking a first for this kind of art style. Similar to the original promo binder that was given away as part of the sweepstakes competition when the TCG first launched, this set will include the eight original Tamer companions – Tentomon, Patamon, Gomamon, Biyomon, Palmon, Agumon, Gatomon and Gabumon. 

Digimon Card Game release

Digimon Card Game Tamer’s Set 4 (September)

The Digimon Card Game Tamer’s Set 4 will include an official playmat and a pack of 60 card sleeves both sharing the same artwork. The artwork is a nice tribute to the original Agumon promo card that was released to help promote the Digimon Card Game, with the rookie forms now digivolved into their Champion forms. 

Digimon Card Game release

 Starter Deck (ST12) Jesmon and Starter Deck (st13) RagnaLoardmon (October 14th)

The next starter decks hitting the English version of the Digimon Card Game will be themed on the Holy Knight Jesmon and the DNA Digivolved RagnaLoardmon. The Jesmon deck will include a whole cast of supporting Digimon, including the Huckmon line, Gankoomon and the Sistermon duo, while RagnaLoardmon will include Digimon with the Legend-Arm trait, like the Zubamon and Ludomon chain, which is fitting for a RagnaLoardmon themed starter deck. 

 Booster Xros Encounter (October 14th)

Xros Encounter will be the 10th main booster set of the Digimon card game and will focus on the Digimon Fusion series, which was known as Xros Wars in Japan. Not only will several Digimon make their debut for the first time, but the brand new DigiXros (fusion) mechanic will shake things up as an alternative way to get your strongest Digimon in play. 

 EX-03 Draconic Roar (November)

Draconic Roar will be the third EX set themed around dragon and dinosaur type Digimon. It is fitting that Chaosdromon bfronts this booster, as he was introduced into the franchise within the Pendulum virtual pets series with the similarly named ‘Dragon’s Roar’. This Pendulum let Tamers raise their Gigimon and introduced DNA digivolutions to the handheld devices.

Digimon card Game Tamers Set Vol.5 (December)

The exclusive 60 x card sleeves coming with the Tamers Set Vol.5 have an X Antibody theme. The play mat coming with this collection has the never before seen full artwork of the connecting Omnimon X Antibody (BT5-111) and Alphamon (BT6-111) cards printed on it. Bandai has also improved on the previous Tamer Set by including the memory counter at the top of the mat.

If you would like to focus on the current set before thinking about what’s next, you can check out our articles below, which include the top 10 most valuable cards during the prerelease period of New Awakening – 

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Starter Decks Ultimate Ancient Dragon (ST9) and Parallel World Tactician (ST10) have also been released alongside New Awakening, providing more dual colour cards, impressive artwork and powerful level 6 Digimon. To keep up to date with the latest Digimon Card Game releases and updates, as well as all other TCG news, make sure you follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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