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Digimon Card Game – New Awakening Agumon Chain

The next main set coming to the English version of the Digimon Card Game will be New Awakening, known as New Hero in Japan. Although this set will focus on the Digimon Frontier anime series, it doesn’t mean we won’t see other Digimon pop up, such as the Black Agumon chain that has appeared in several Digimon video games as well as the new Ghost Game anime. 

The level 3 Agumon of this chain offers a nice search ability, allowing you to take a Greymon or Dragonkin card from the top 4 cards of your deck, which will help make sure you have the right cards to Digivolve further. Supporting the red/black duel colour theme of this chain, which can be seen with MetalGreymon, if you have a red card in play, this Digimon will gain Blocker. 

New Awakening Agumon

MetalGreymon has a Digivolving ‘De-Digivolve 1’ ability that will break down one of your opponent’s Digimon, as well as delete a Digimon with 3000DP or less. If you manage to strip the Digimon to its level 3 form, it is likely that you can take it out as many level 3s have 3000 DP or less. The Inherited Effect of MetalGreymon is a nice one, as it allows this Digimon to attack unsuspended Digimon as long as you have a Dragonkin or Machine type card in your stack. 

New Awakening Agumon
New Awakening Agumon

If you use MetalGreymon to Digivolve into this card, or another red/black card, you will get the most out of the BlackWarGreymon as you get to choose from both your opponent’s Tamers and Digimon to delete as long as their total play cost adds up to 6 or less. What is more, when you delete your opponent’s Digimon, you get to unsuspend BlackWarGreymon, allowing you to attack again. Carrying on BlackWarGreymon’s theme of adding up to a certain play cost, Dark Gaia Force allows you to delete a number of Digimon whose play cost equals 15 or less. 

New Awakening Agumon

It’s not just New Awakening that will be getting a new Agumon chain, as the Special Entry Set (ST-11) will also get some reprinted cards. This set will not only come with an easy to learn deck but will also have two Memory Gauges and a nice Deck Box with Gammamon on the front. New Awakening will release on May 9th alongside two brand new starter decks, Ultimate Ancient Dragon & Parallel World Tactician. If you would like to learn more about the upcoming products in the Digimon Card Game, head over to our article here

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