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Digimon Card Game: New Awakening – green Pulsemon chain 

Tomorrow, the prelease for the second booster in the Digimon Card Game, New Awakening, will begin in Europe, Oceania, and Latin America. This set, which will focus on the Digimon Adventure 02 anime series, will introduce dual colours to the English version of the game as well as several new archetypes, including the green Pulsemon chain. This line is incredibly versatile and offers different Digivolution routes depending on the situation the player finds themselves in.  


The green Pulsemon chain works by suspending your own cards to gain several useful effects. At the bottom of the pile we see Bibimon, who provides the Inherited Effect of giving the Digimon a +1000 DP when all of your Digimon are suspended, while Pulsemon gives another +1000 DP for each of your suspended Digimon. This can equate to a really nice bonus as you get more Digimon out on the field. 


When Digivolving your 3-cost, you get a choice whether to use Namakemon’s search ability, which also suspends your Digimon, which will later come in handy. If you go down the Exermon route, you will be able to suspend one of your own and one of your opponent’s Digimon. Similar to Pulsemon’s Inherited Effect, this card will give you another +1000 DP for each of your other suspended Digimon. By filling the field and keeping them suspended, you will make it difficult for your opponent to delete them by attacking. 

When Digivolving into Climbmon while suspended, you get to return one of your opponent’s Digimon whose DP is less than,  or is equal to, this one. With the Inherited DP increasing effects seen throughout this chain, it will have the potential to return your opponent’s best card in play. If you choose to Digivolve into Pistmon, you can reduce the play cost of this Digimon by two if you suspend one of your Digimon. This, of course, will help you out with this archetype. Increasing your DP further, the Inherited Effect of this card is the same as Exermon, giving you another +1000 DP for every other suspended Digimon you have in play. 

During your opponent’s turn, Shivamon stops them from using all Option cards. This will help keep your Digimon in play for longer, as they will need to use Digimon effects, or attacks, to take out your Digimon. With the increase in DP from all the Inherited Effects, that may be easier said than done. When this card is unsuspended during the unsuspend phase, you get to trash one of your opponent’s security. With its DP greatly increased by the Inherited Effects of the chain and your opponent unable to use Option cards, the longer you keep this Digimon in play and suspended at the end of your turn, the faster you can win. 

The 1 cost Samadhi Santi Option card gives you the Exermon Digivolving effect that lets you suspend one of your Digimon to suspend one of your opponent’s, only with the added benefit of locking that Digimon into suspension until the end of their next turn. This leaves it open to attacks and prevents it from attacking next turn. 

The New Awakening set will introduce dual colours for the first time, as well as some new Keyword Effects and some interesting ways to Digivolve. While fans in Europe, Oceania, and Latin America will receive this booster on May 13th, those living in North America will have to wait a little longer, releasing on May 27th and having a prelease beginning on May 20th. If you would like to learn more about the upcoming New Awakening set, check out our links below – 

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