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Digimon Card Game – New Awakening market watch

It’s been a couple of weeks since the latest Digimon Card Game set, New Awakening, was released worldwide. n this article, we take a look at the current values of the most expensive cards in the New Awakening booster. 

Disclaimer – These values are likely to change in the coming months and reflect the time of writing (15/06/2022).

Ryudamon (Alternate Art)

Ryudamon offers a really helpful On Play effect that searches the top 3 cards of your deck and allows you to add an X-Antibody card and a Yuji Musha Tamer card to your hand. Its Inherited Effect will also be useful, as it gives the Digimon Decoy, allowing it to take the fall when your opponent uses an effect that would delete one of your other Digimon. 

eBay: $35$50

TCG Player:  $48

Magnamon (Alternate Art)

The alt art version of Magnamon doesn’t only some seriously epic, with the streaks of light making the Digimon look even more righteous, but is also useful in play. This level 4 dual colour Blocker card will gain 2000 DP for each ‘Armor’ card in the Trash and will be able to stop itself from being deleted by its Armor Release effect.

eBay: $40

TCG Player: $44

Kimeramon (Alternate Art)

Introducing Digimon’s version of fusion, Kimeramon is one of the Digimon who will get the new DNA Digivolve skill. Kimeramon has been in the franchise for some time, first debuting in the WonderSwan version of the Digital Monster virtual pet.

eBay: $40

TCG Player: $40

Ophanimon Falldown Mode (Alternate Art)

A card that will compliment the Parallel World Tactician starter deck releasing alongside the New Awakening booster set. Ophanimon is a Digimon born out of turmoil, as in the Digimon Adventure tri, it is Kari who accidentally Dark Digivolves her after believing Tai was killed by a fall.

eBay: $40

TCG Player: $44

Rapidmon (Alternate Art)

Terriermon is among the top fan favourite chains from the Digimon Adventure 02 anime series. Included in this chain is the ‘Armor’ form of Rapidmon which gets a nice golden overhaul thanks to the power of the Digi-Egg of Destiny.

eBay: $40

TCG Player: $37 – $40

Digimon New Awakening

Imperialdramon Paladin Mode (Alternate Art)

It’s no surprise that the most valuable cards of the set will be the alt arts SEC. Acquiring the holy power of Omnimon, this is the strongest form of Imperialdramon Dragon Mode. This Digimon is a legend within the franchise that is finally getting a card that does its incredible power justice.

eBay:  $23$32

TCG Player: $18 – $20

Ouryumon (Alternate Art)

Currently, the most valuable SR in the New Awakening card market is the alt art Ouryumon. When Digivolving, you can delete a 7 cost card by placing an X- Antibody card from your hand to the bottom of its Digivolution pile. When you do this, this Digimon will get a nice +2000 DP and protects it from effects that can delete it until your opponent’s next turn. 

eBay:  $30

TCG Player: $25 – $28

Digimon New Awakening

BlackWarGreymon (Alternate Art)

Another BlackWarGreymon is coming with New Awakening, this time, however, it is a Red and Black dual colour card that will give it some versatility when building decks. In fact, its effects depend on the colour of the cards in their Digivolution. 

eBay: $32

TCG Player:  $30

Imperialdramon Fighter Mode (Alternate Art)

Like Imperialdramon Paladin Mode, Imperialdramon Fighter Mode is an alternate form of Imperialdramon Dragon Mode. In the anime series, this Digimon changes into this form after the previous DigiDestined helped free him after SkullSatamon froze him. 

eBay: $28

TCG Player:  $25 – $27

Digimon New Awakening

Flamedramon (Alternate Art)

It’s clear why the alt art Flamedramon is the most popular Rare in the New Awakening booster. Not only does it have some incredible artwork but will definitely appear in many dual red and blue decks. 

eBay: $26

TCG Player: $27

Creepymon (Alternate Art)

The Digimon franchise is full of Digimon with incredibly literal names. For example, there is Ghostmon, Bearmon and Mushroomon, just to name a few. Well, with the New Awakening set, one of the SECs will have the very fitting name of Creepymon, for obvious reasons. 

eBay:  $18$20

TCG Player: $20 – $25

Digimon New Awakening

New Awakening started a new chapter within the Digimon Card Game, with the set themed around the Digimon Adventure 02 anime series. This booster introduced new archetypes, DNA Digivolution forms and dual colours for the first time. The cards mentioned in this article are just a few of the incredible Digimon coming with the latest set, with others likely to creep up to the top spots as the weeks go on and values settle. 

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Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media

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