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Digimon Card Game – New Awakening top picks

The second booster in the Digimon Card Game, New Awakening,  will release on May 13th. This set will continue the shift from the original Digimon series first seen with Next Adventure series that was released last month. This time around, however, the focus will be on the Digimon Adventure 02 anime series and the Tamers and Digimon from that era. 

Disclaimer – Some of the images & text used in this article are English concepts created by Digimon.Dev and may differ from the official cards.


Magnamon will no doubt be a popular Rare in the New Awakening booster set due to it being a fan favourite Digimon, as well as being extremely useful in play. This level 4 dual colour Blocker card will gain 2000 DP for each ‘Armor’ card in the Trash and will be able to stop itself from being deleted by its Armor Release effect. Magnamon has such a heroic pose in the card art and the Digimon reaching out of the frame really adds depth. 


Introducing Digimon’s version of fusion, Kimeramon is one of the Digimon who will get the new DNA Digivolve skill, allowing two level 4 Digimon to be stacked beneath this one unsuspended. When Digivolving, this card increases its stack by placing a level 5 or lower Digimon card from the Trash beneath this card. After that, four of your opponent’s Digimon are decreased by 1000 DP for each different colour in this card’s Digivolution stack. A nice little bonus in this card’s colour theme is that it gains 4000 extra DP if you have four different colours beneath it. 


The Digimon franchise is full of Digimon with incredibly literal names. For example, there is Ghostmon, Baboongamon, Bearmon and Mushroomon, just to name a few. Well, with the New Hero set, one of the SECs will have the very fitting name of Creepymon, for obvious reasons. This demonic-looking Digimon can trash 2 cards for every Digimon your opponent has on the field. If you trash 4 or more, you get to play a level 5 Digimon from the trash. This means that if your opponent has more Digimon than you, you can even out the playing field a little. When attacking, Creepymon trashes cards from the top of your opponent’s deck, depending on how many you have in the trash, and gains +3000 DP also. This ability could devastate your opponent’s deck, especially if they lose key cards they were hoping to draw. 

Imperialdramon : Paladin Mode

Acquiring the holy power of Omnimon, this is the strongest form of Imperialdramon Dragon Mode. This Digimon is a legend within the franchise that is finally getting a card that does its incredible power justice. Imperialdramon Paladin Mode has a nice recycling ability that returns a trashed card to the bottom of the deck while reducing the digivolution cost of this card by 4. This Digimon’s Digivolving and Attacking ability can really break down your opponent’s forces by stripping the cards from beneath one of the Digimon and sending all Digimon with no Digivolution cards beneath them to the bottom of the deck. 


What’s cooler than a WarGreymon? A BlackWarGreymon. Both the standard and alternate art versions of these SRs look incredible, with interesting abilities to go with it. You will be able to delete a number of your opponent’s cards whose play costs add up to 6, as well as getting to unsuspend BlackWarGreymon if you delete one of your opponent’s Digimon. 

The New Awakening set will introduce dual colours for the first time, as well as some new Keyword Effects and some interesting ways to Digivolve. The New Awakening booster set will release on May 13th for the English game alongside two brand new starter decks, Ultimate Ancient Dragon and Parallel World Tactician. If you would like to learn more about the upcoming products in the Digimon Card Game, check out our links below – 

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