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Digimon Card Game: Next Adventure – Pulsemon Chain

Since the launch of the Vital Bracelet, which is basically the combination of Pokemon GO and the Fitbit, a brand new Digimon has hit the scenes. Pulsemon has already had several cards introduced into the TCG, but with the Next Adventure booster coming on March 4th, the Digimon Card Game is about to get some more of this speedy little Digimon and its Digivolutions. 

Disclaimer – Some of the images & text used in this article are English concepts created by Digimon.Dev and may differ from the official cards.


As the mascot for the Vital Bracelet is designed to promote healthy gaming, it is only fitting that this version of Pulsemon is hitting the gym. What is interesting about this chain is that they all have Inherited Effect, except for the final Digivolution, which means it’s far more beneficial to Digivolve as fast as you can to utilise their abilities. 

Next Adventure Pulsemon card


It seems like all the working out paid off for Pulsemon as Bulkmon is a ‘Blocker’, a keyword that is quite scarce for yellow players. For those interested in the effects of this chain, you will notice a clear pattern – all of these Digimon depend on having 3 or more security. Luckily, many yellow decks have the ‘Recovery’ ability, which will help the player stay at 3.

Next Adventure Pulsemon card


Boutmon drastically changes the look of this Digimon, getting more ripped for his martial arts form. Having the last three Digivolutions illustrated by Sasasi keeps this chain incredibly clean and uniformed. The lightning raining down on these Digimon make them look really threatening and even godlike, especially Bulkmon and Kazuchimon. 

Next Adventure Pulsemon card


If the player uses all of the cards above to play Kazuchimon, they will have an incredibly powerful defence. This is because Boutmon’s Inherited Effect will switch this Digimon to Active when the player is attacked and Bulkmon’s Inherited Effect will give it Blocker. This ultimately gives them an infinite Blocker card as it isn’t a once per turn ability. 

Next Adventure Pulsemon card

Electric Rush

Although this isn’t exactly tailored just to Pulsemon cards and its Digivolutions, the artwork does show the sporty little Digimon zapping forward while performing its Electric Rush attack. 

Next Adventure Pulsemon card

Other Pulsemon Digivolutions – 

Although the above cards are all the Pulsemon cards coming with the Next Adventure set, there are several forms in this versatile chain which we will see in the New Hero booster set. This time around, the colour will be green and will focus on suspending your own Digimon to gain DP and to make things difficult for your opponent. If you would like to learn more about this upcoming set, releasing in April, click here

The first Pulsemon card was a promo given to those who pre-ordered the Vital Bracelet. The card was initially a Japanese exclusive but was eventually released in English as part of the Great Legend pre-release events. To check out the other Pulsemon cards in the Digimon TCG, head over to our article here. To learn more about the other Next Adventure cards coming this Friday, check out our articles below – 

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