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Digimon Card Game – Next Adventure SECs

The next booster set in the English version of the Digimon TCG will be Next Adventure. This set will focus on the Digimon Frontier series which had a very short run, airing from 2002 to 2003. Although the series wasn’t around long, it did inject a number of original Digimon, interesting Tamers and a new evil in the form of Lucemon, who will be one of the two SEC rares in the set.

Disclaimer – The images & text used in this article are English concepts created by Digimon.Dev and may differ from the official cards.

Lucemon : Chaos Mode

We have seen Lucemon before in the Digimon TCG, but that version was his more angelic form. As the name gives away, this Digimon is based on the story of Lucifer – a rebellious angel who was later associated with evil when in his Lucemon: Chaos Mode form. In the Frontier series, Lucemon achieves his Chaos Mode by absorbing the data of his Royal Knights, overwhelming EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon in their fight. Lucemon wields both the power of light and darkness, which gives him the ability to force a path to the Real World, threatening all of existence. 

Digimon Card Game SECs
Digimon Card Game SECs

In Play, Lucemon (BT4-115) can Digivolve into Lucemon: Chaos Mode for 7 memory, ignoring any requirements and supporting the lore continuity. Another way to get this card into play is to have plenty of cards in your trash, as its memory cost is reduced by 3, for every 10 in there. Being able to delete a level 6 or lower Digimon or Tamer cards is a nice additional effect for this card. 


You can Digivolve into this card by using a Tamer if you place 10 Tamers or Digimon from your hand, or the trash, to the bottom of your deck. Although losing cards from your hand may be risky, this is a great way to recycle your trashed cards back into your deck. Instantly deleting a Digimon when Digivolving and having Security Attack +2 on a 15000 DP Digimon is also very nice.  Susanoomon has no Digivolve colour requirement, making him incredibly versatile.

Digimon Card Game SECs

In the anime, Susanoonmon is formed after Koichi sacrificed himself to save the other Tamers from Lucemon Chaos Mode, after giving his Digispirit of Darkness to his brother Koji. Along with Takuya, all twenty Digispirits combined to create the legendary Susanoonmon. Although they believed they had defeated Lucemon, he returns in his Shadowlord Mode. Luckily, all five tamers, Takuya, Koji, JP, Zoe and Tommy, all manage to digivolve together into Susanoomon to defeat Lucemon Shadowlord Mode, wiping away his evil for once and for all. 

The Next Adventure booster was first released in Japan on August 27th, with the English version launching on March 4th. To learn more about this set and the incredible cards coming with it, follow the links below  – 

Digimon Card Game – Next Adventure Campaign Cards

Digimon TCG: Next Adventure – The first booster of 2022

Digimon Card Game – Next Adventure Delayed!

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