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The next expansion in the Digimon Card Game will be the Next Adventure set, focusing on the Digimon Frontier anime and the hybrid forms that came with that series. Although this set will bring a lot to the table in terms of new archetypes and debuting Tamers and Digimon, it will also introduce some seriously impressive art, especially within its alternate arts variations. 


We’ve already seen the angelic form of Cherubimon within the Special Booster 1.5, with another on the way with the New Hero booster releasing in the English version of the game at the end of April. Well, with the Cherubimon coming with the Next Adventure set, we get to see the more sinister side of this Digimon. I feel really sorry for whoever has come across this Digimon while roaming the city at night, as this will most likely be the last image they see! 

Next Adventure Alternate Arts

Lucemon: Chaos Mode

Just like Cherubimon, Lucemon’s more angelic form has already appeared in the Digimon Card Game, only this time in the Great Legend booster. With the Next Adventure set, however, Tamers will get the chance to collect the more ominous form of this Digimon with the Lucemon: Chaos Mode alternate art. As this is one of the two SECs of the set, it will no doubt become one of the most valuable in the Next Adventure set, especially as alternate arts always achieve higher values than the standard versions.

Next Adventure Alternate Arts


The artwork of DarkKnightmon does this Digimon’s Debut justice. It makes sense for this knight Digimon to be seen dominating the battlefield, looking like the sole victor of a huge battle. I think choosing Naochika Morishita to illustrate this card was a good decision, as he proved he was more than capable of doing a good job after the work he did on the bust secret rares of the Battle Spirits TCG

Next Adventure Alternate Arts


Dorugoramon is a Digimon carrying the X-antibody vaccine, which protects it from getting affected by the X- Program. The next booster to release in the Japanese version of the game will be X-Record, which will include many more X-antibody Digimon and their supercharged forms. As always, Sasasi has done a fantastic job of portraying the nature of the Digimon within card art, with Dorugoramon looking ferocious, powerful and menacing.


Illustrated by Digimon Card Game regular Tonamikanji, the new WereGarurumon card coming with the Next Adventure set will undoubtedly be popular among collectors, especially fans of the original Digimon anime series. This sinister appearance of WereGarurmon is incredibly original, with Myotismon and MetalSeadramon also seen in the background backing up his assault. 

Next Adventure Alternate Arts


This Alternate Art version of Susanoomon, who will be the second SEC of the Next Adventure set, has been completed by Sasasi, who has made the hybrid Digimon appear righteous and god-like, especially with the traditional looking clouds and the straight rays of light resonating from behind him. 


Another incredible art piece completed by Sasasi can be seen in the EmperorGreymon alternate art. I can see why they chose this illustrator, as he proved himself more than capable with other Warrior type Digimon such as the standard Omnimon and Gallantmon cards that came with Special Booster 1.0. If you would like to learn more about this artist, check out our article here. What I really love about this art is that you can see Agunimon and Kazemon in the reflection of the blade, which is a nice Digimon Frontier throwback.

Next Adventure Alternate Arts

The Alternate Art cards of the Next Adventure set will focus heavily on action shots, with a lot going on with chaotic colours. These types of cards always look intense, offering a nice contrast to the calmer looking standard versions. If you would like to get a closer look at some of the other cards coming with the Next Adventure set releasing on March 4th, you can click on the links below- 

Digimon Card Game – Next Adventure SECs

Digimon Card Game – Next Adventure SR Set

Digimon Card Game – Next Adventure Campaign Cards

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