Digimon Card Game – Official Tournament Pack Vol.6 & X-Record Winner Pack

Bandai has revealed the Official Tournament Pack Vol.6, which will be handed out to players attending in-store events between July and October. This time around, the cards included will be Woodmon (BT1-072), MegaKabuterimon (BT1-076), DoruGreymon (BT7-064), MetalGreymon (ST1-09), Zudomon (ST2-09) and Angewomon (ST3-09).

Each Official Tournament Pack Vol.6 will come with one card, with six to collect in total. Most of these cards are reprints from previous promo packs, such as the Tamer Battle Pack 1, as well as older starter decks. 

Official Tournament Pack Vol.6

Those taking part in in-store events will get the chance to win an X-Record Winner Pack, containing one of four cards. The cards up for grabs are Minomon (BT3-004), Piddomon (BT4-042), Myotismon (EX1-061)  and DarkTyrannomon (ST5-08), all of which are alternate arts. 

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