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Digimon Card Game – Online Regionals kick off this weekend

The Online Regionals kick off this weekend for North America and Latin America, seeing the return of In-person events after years of remote play caused by Covid-19 restrictions. As well as event times and venues for these events, in this article, we share images of all the prizes up for grabs. 

Those participating in the 2022 Regionals will get a set of Digi-Egg sleeves, the 2022 Championship memory gauge, the participation card set and an Event Pack 2. The top 128 players will get themselves an extra pack with the top 64 getting a third. The top 32 players of the 2022 Regionals will get the Finalist Set as well as a stamped deck box. 

Digi-Egg Sleeves & Championship Memory Gauge –

Online Regionals

Championship Deck Case –

Online Regionals

Participant Card Set –

Online Regionals

Regionals Finalist Set – (Same cards as Participant set only with a different gold stamp)

Event Pack 2  – 

Online Regionals

Exclusive for those living in North America, the top 16 players will get an automatic invite to the Final Championships. Those who land in the top 8 will win the 2021 Online Regionals Finalist Set, with the top 2 players walking away with the 2021 Champion card set. The overall winner of the events, however, will get their hands on the 2022 Regionals card set, as well as an exclusive stamped playmat and a booster box.

Online Regionals Finalist Set – 

2021 Online Regionals Champion Set –

2022 Regionals card set –

2022 Champion Playmat –

Schedule – 

North America

Carta Magica (Online)

May 29 at 11 AM EST

Latin America

Coqui Hobby (Online)

May 29 at 10 AM EST

Those living in North America will have the chance to earn themselves a Finals Championship invite as a result of an overbooking error that saw 512 players excluded from the Carta Magica Ultimate Cup event. This has been met with mixed reactions from the community, with many believing that guaranteed entry to the Finals Championship isn’t the right solution, as it will greatly reduce spots and make it even harder for players to sign up for the event before the quota is filled. This is an issue that has been plaguing the Digimon Card Game for a while now, especially during the last Ultimate Cup events. With the growing popularity of the Digimon Card Game within the competitive scene, it will be interesting to see what measures are implemented to keep players happy and to prevent mistakes, like those Carta Magica made, from happening again. 

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Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media

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