Digimon Card Game: Playmat and Card Set 1 – Digimon Tamers

The brand new Digimon Card Game Playmat and Card Set 1 is heading to the Digimon Card Game next month. This special set will include 8 promo cards that originally came with the Memorial Collection 02 collection that was exclusively released in Japan back in August 2021. Bandai has now shared the first high-quality images of two of these cards on the Digimon Card Game social media pages, showing off some fantastic Digimon Tamers themed artwork. 

The Playmat and Card Set 1 will include an official Digimon Card Game playmat featuring an exclusive design showing the three Digimon companions from the Tamers series Digivolved into their Mega forms – Gallantmon, Sakuyamon and MegaGargomon. The set will also come with 8 promo reprint cards, keeping in line with the Digimon Tamer’s anime theme. These cards were originally released in the Japanese Exclusive Memorial Collection 02, however, It is unknown if the cards in the English counterpart will come with a display folder. The first two high-quality cards shared by Bandai are Guilmon and Gallantmon, with more to follow. 

Playmat and Card Set 1
Playmat and Card Set 1

Bandai enjoys making references to their past video game titles, as seen in the Battle of Omni booster where several cards referenced the hugely popular and nostalgic Digimon World game that was first released on the PS1 in 1999. The reprint promos coming with the Playmat and Card Set 1 give nice head nods to the Rumble Arena video game which focused on Digimon from the Tamers series. 

Playmat and Card Set 1

Although pre-orders for this set on the Premium Bandai website are now closed, there are plenty of other online retailers taking orders for this product. The Digimon Card Game Playmat and Card Set 1 will be available from June 24th in the US, with specific dates for other regions yet to be confirmed. If you would like to check out other sets, products and promos coming to the Digimon Card Game, click on the links below – 

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