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Digimon Card Game – PSA 10 Ghost Omnimon sells for $6500

On March 27th, we saw one of the first public sales of a PSA 10 Ghost Omnimon , which went for $6547 after a best offer was accepted on eBay. This value is almost $2500 below the initial $9000 asking price, but is still incredibly impressive nonetheless. 

Disclaimer: The prices mentioned in this article reflect the time of writing (29/03/22) and is subject to change.

Ghost Omnimon has been a celebrity within the Digimon TCG since it was first released in Japan. This card is the rarest booster card in the entire game, with the pull rate being extremely low. Ghost Omnimon came with the Double Diamond set that was released between October and December 2021. 

Currently, raw copies of this card are selling for between $680 and $800 on eBay, with TCG Player copies selling for between $600 – $750. In January, the first PSA 10 Ghost Omimon to sell went for $3850 after 71 bids, which shows how this grade of card has increased in value in the last couple of months. 

Omnimon PSA 10

There are currently 51 Ghost Omnimon cards graded with PSA, only 14 of which achieving a PSA 10 grade. Interestingly, when the first PSA 10 copy sold, there were just 21 cards in the population, with just 10 PSA 10s. This shows that despite there being more in existence, the value has almost doubled in just a few months. Could this value continue to rise? Or has it plateaued with this recent sale? To learn more about January’s sale, check out our articles here

Omnimon PSA 10

This sale gives us a good insight into the current value of a PSA 10 graded copy of Ghost Omnimon. As more high rarity cards are being graded with PSA and others, it will be interesting to see how the values of the most valuable cards in the Digimon Card Game increase after achieving gem mint status.

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