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Digimon Card Game – SECs of Digital Hazard 

Following the release of the Classic Collection in December, the second EX set is scheduled for a June 25th release. This set will be different to EX01, which paid homage to the iconic Hyper Colosseum card game, and will instead focus on the Digimon Tamer series. There will still be two SECs to collect, despite being a smaller set, both of which having alternate art versions. 

Beelzemon Blast Mode

Although we’ve already had one SEC of this card, which came with Special Booster 1.0, we will be getting a brand new version with Digital Hazard. Beelzemon: Blast Mode, which is a full art also illustrated by Sasasi, shows the demon Digimon looking incredibly cool armed with his smoking Corona Blaster. The alt art version of Beelzemon Blast Mode looks incredible, with Beelzemon charging its Corona Blaster.

Digital Hazard SEC

If this card ends up getting trashed from your deck by one of your effects, you get to delete one of your opponent’s level 4 Digimon, which is a nice bonus. When Digivolving, this Digimon deletes all of your opponent’s Digimon with the highest level, which will take out their strongest Digimon. This card will be incredible in trash orientated decks, as for every 10, this Digimon gains an extra Security Attack. 

Gallantmon: Crimson Mode

Gallantmon: Crimson Mode is the final SEC of the Digital Hazard set. This Digimon’s standard artwork looks impactful and its in-game effects make it formidable in play. Not only does this Digimon delete the Digimon with the highest DP on your opponent’s side of the field but also trashes a number of Security cards from their stack, depending on how many cards are in the trash. The alt art version of Gallantmon: Crimson Mode shows the Royal Knight Digimon taking hold of the divine lance of light, Gungnir, and the divine sword of light, Blutgang. Gallantmon fans will no doubt want to add this alt art SEC to their collection. 

Digital Hazard SEC

EX-02 Digital Hazard is made up of 74 types of Cards – 26 Common, 20 Uncommon,18 Rare,8 SR and 2 SEC. Bandai has also shared that EX-02 Digital Hazard will have 30 different alternate arts in the set. Digital Hazard has already been released for the Japanese version of the game on December 24th, with the English version expected on June 24th. If you would like to learn more about this set, check out our articles below – 

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Digimon Card Game – Digital Hazard Terriermon chain

Digimon Card Game – Digital Hazard D-Reaper chain

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