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Digimon Card Game – SGC graded Premier TO Greymon sells for $4000!

A Premier TO Greymon prize card, graded by SGC, has sold for an eyewatering $4000, making it one of the highest public sales for a graded card in the Digimon Card Game. The sale of this card was made almost accidentally after collector Jeff Walsh shared an image of his graded card within a social media group and received an offer he couldn’t refuse. 

After reaching out to Jeff, he explained how he had gotten his Greymon, along with a large portion of his other high rarity cards, graded with SGC because of their reputation within sports cards communities. He saw an opportunity to get his Digimon cards affordably and quickly graded when the company began accepting Digimon Card Game submissions. 

SGC Digimon Card Game Grading

Who are SGC?

SGC are a sports cards grading company that currently holds one of the highest sold sports cards of all time, Honus Wagner, worth $6.6 million. Despite making their name in the sports arena, they also grade other TCGs, including the Digimon Card Game.

The Premier TO Greymon

The Premier TO Greymon was awarded to those who placed in the top 32 of each event, with the top player of each event winning the elusive WarGreymon prize card. The texture of the prize cards is incredibly unique to the Digimon TCG. The background, name and textbox have an intricate fingerprint style design, which leaves just the Digimon at the forefront of the card relatively untextured. The Premier TO prize cards are well and truly collector pieces, as players already have the very affordable original versions to obtain. With winning players selling them to collectors, their availability may slow down as more are purchased. 

SGC Digimon Card Game Grading

Despite the card achieving a SGC Gem Mint 10 and only having a population of 1, seeing this card sell for $4000 is quite surprising, considering that its raw value is currently sitting at between $300 and $350. While SGC has built their name as one of the leading Sports Cards grading companies, it is yet to be widely recognised within the Digimon Card Game community. It will be interesting to see if its popularity grows, especially after such a high sale. The Digimon Card Game is still in its infancy when compared to other TCGs, with the graded market going from strength to strength with each passing month. Could SGC be a common name in the TCG in the near future?  

Do you think that the SGC 10 Premier TO Greymon is worth the $4000 purchase price? Or is it an investment that will see growth as the Digimon Card Game continues to grow? Let us know your thoughts on the original Facebook post for this article.

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