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Digimon Card Game – ST11: Special Entry Set

The Special Entry set will follow soon after the release of starter decks 9 and 10 in May. This time, the focus will be Gammamon, one of the newest Digimon to be introduced within the new Ghost Game anime. Another change will be the cards included, which will mainly be reprints from past sets and starter decks. 

Who is Gammamon?

Gammamon was first featured in the new Digimon: Ghost Game anime series that premiered on October 3rd in Japan. This series promises to be original to the franchise, with the plot being much darker than anything we have seen before within the Digimon franchise. The choice to use Gammamon as Starter Deck 11’s focus is more than likely a way to help promote the anime series and welcome its new fans into the Digimon TCG. Gammamon only appeared in the official reference book in September, which is a breath of fresh air for Digimon TCG starter decks as they have mainly focused on fan favourites from the Digimon Adventure series up until now. 

 Digimon Special Entry Set

Although Gammamon is a brand new Digimon, Bandai are not holding back with its introduction into the game. Gammamon has three cards revealed so far, one being the starter deck version, and another that is believed to be the promo for buying Starter Deck 11, although that is yet to be confirmed. The final variation of this Digimon was revealed in the  November 2021 issue of Saikyo Jump.

What is the Special Entry Set?

The Special Entry Set is intended for new players, teaching them easy to use mechanics so that they can jump straight into the Digimon TCG. The product consists of a deck, two memory gauges and a nice deck box with the Gammamon artwork on the front.  While the 4-Cost level 3 Gammamon card is original, there are also several reprints from past sets and starter decks included, such as Agumon ST1-03 and Greymon ST1-07 which came with Gaia Red starter deck.

 Digimon Special Entry Set
 Digimon Special Entry Set
 Digimon Special Entry Set
 Digimon Special Entry Set
 Digimon Special Entry Set
 Digimon Special Entry Set

With the Greymon and WarGreymon cards both offering Security Attack increases, it is likely that this deck is going to be an offensive one, which is always a simple yet fun way to play. All of the reprints will be alternate arts, which will make it appealing to those looking to collect different appearances of their favourite cards. 

Starter Deck 11 – The Special Entry Set was released on November 26th in Japan but is yet to be given a release date in the English game.To learn more about the previous Digimon TCG Starter Decks, click on one of the links below – 

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ST-10 Tactician from Another World

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