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Digimon Card Game – ST12 & ST 13 updates 

The next starter decks heading to the English version of the Digimon Card Game will be ST12 Jesmon and ST13 Ragnaloardmon. While we already know the cards coming within this deck due to it already being released in Japan, there has now been an update on the Digimon Card Game website. This update includes a concrete release date and details about the bonuses coming with these starter decks. 

ST12 Jesmon and ST13 Ragnaloardmon will both release on October 14th, which is the same day that BT10 Xros Encounter releases in most regions. ST12 will focus on the Holy Knight Jesmon and will include a whole cast of supporting Digimon. These include the Huckmon line, Gankoomon and the Sistermon duo. ST13 will focus on the DNA Digivolved RagnaLoardmon and will host a whole cast of supporting Digimon. This includes the noble Gladimon and Knightmon, as well as Digimon with the Legend-Arm trait, like the Zubamon and Ludomon chain, which is fitting for a RagnaLoardmon themed starter deck. 

ST12 Jesmon
ST12 Jesmon

ST12 and ST13 will include 6 alternate art Tamer box toppers, as well as two memory gauges and an Index card. Those who buy the double ‘Premium Deck Set’, which includes both decks, will include two memory gauges, two copies of three alt art cards (Fly Bullet, Brave Metal and Judgement of the Blade) and two Premium Deck Set Lucky Packs, which contains one of four alt art cards (Modokibetamon, MetalGreymon, MetalTyrannomon and VenomMyotismon).

ST12 Jesmon

ST12 and ST13 are just a couple of incredible products coming to the Digimon Card Game, if you would like to check out the products releasing throughout the rest of the year, follow the links below –

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