Digimon Card Game – Tamer’s Evolution Box 2 now shipping!

The second Tamer’s Evolution Box is now shipping out to those who preordered them in the US, with local game stores in all other regions selling them from tomorrow! (May 27th). The first Tamer Evolution Box went down extremely well when the Digimon Card Game first began in 2020, which has only increased in value as the product becomes harder to source.

Just like the first one, the Tamer’s Evolution Box 2 will be jam-packed with Digimon Card Game goodies. This set will include a 2-player memory gauge, a deck box, 50 card sleeves and 5 digi-egg sleeves, an official Digimon Card Game playmat, a storage box and 8 full-art reprinted cards that come with both English and Japanese versions. This is similar to the first Tamer’s Evolution boxes content but with the focus being on the lead Digimon companion of each of the anime series. 

Tamer’s Evolution Box 2 

The 8 full-art reprints, coming with both the English and Japanese versions of the Digimon Card Game, will be a selection of Rookie Digimon that fronted each of the anime series. There will also be a reprint of the ‘Win Rate: 60%!’ Option card that pays homage to the original Digimon Hyper colosseum card game that rose to popularity in Japan in the 90s, which later got its English version known as the Digi-Battle Card Game. 

Tamer’s Evolution Box 2 

Due to the infancy of the game, the available stock for the first Tamer’s Evolution Box was incredibly limited. This led to scalping and incredible price hikes that have only continued to rise. In fact, these boxes were being sold for around $70 in February 2021, but are currently selling for around $300. With the second Tamer’s Evolution Box coming with similar products and having the same RRP, it is likely that this Box too will see price hikes too after the initial pre-order.

The Tamer’s Evolution Box 2 will cost $70 in the US, although preorders through the Premium Bandai website have now been closed. In the UK, this set will cost between £70 and £80 at online and local game stores.  The Tamer’s Evolution Box 2 will ship out in June, although a specific date has not yet been confirmed.  

It’s not just the Tamer’s Evolution Box 2 that players and collectors can look forward to, with several more fantastic products coming to the Digimon Card Game this year. To check out the upcoming sets and products, check out our links below – 

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