Digimon card Game Tamers Set Vol.5

The Digimon card Game Tamers Set Vol.5 has been announced and is now available for preorder on the Premium Bandai website. Just like those released last year, this set will include a set of exclusive card sleeves and a quality play mat. 

The exclusive 60 x card sleeves coming with the Tamers Set Vol.5 have an X Antibody theme, which is fitting as we wait for the EX 2 set, Digital hazard, which releases next month. Like the Classic Collection that was released last winter, this set will be more limited than a main booster but will be jam-packed with brand new archetypes and incredible artwork themed around the Digimon Tamers anime series.

Tamers Set Vol.5

The play mat coming with this collection has the never before seen full artwork of the connecting Omnimon X Antibody (BT5-111) and Alphamon (BT6-111) cards printed on it. Bandai has also improved on the previous Tamer Set by including the memory counter at the top of the mat. Hopefully, they will also take steps to increase the size of their mats in the future to match the size of the nationals playmat, which for many players, was ideal.

Preorders for the Digimon card Game Tamers Set Vol.5 can be placed on the Premium Bandai website between now and June 2nd for those living in the US. Those living in other regions worldwide will still be able to preorder this product through local and online stores. The Tamers Set Vol.5 will ship in December, just in time for the holidays, and will cost $35. 

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