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Digimon Card Game – The best art of Next Adventure

The Next Adventure booster set is just around the corner, with the first set of 2022 officially releasing on March 4th worldwide. Previously, we have taken a look at cards from a rarity and competitive point of view, but in this article, we will focus on some of the incredible art pieces that the Next Adventure booster will bring to the game.


Chaosdramon is definitely one of the cooler Digimon of the franchise, being built up of many cyborg Digimon parts turning it into an unstoppable machine. What I really like about this design is the heavy industrial feel of the artwork, which includes rust spreading to the rest of the card. A fun game to play with this card is guessing which of Chaosdramon’s parts come from which Digimon.

Next Adventure Art


The artwork of AvengeKidmon looks like it should belong to a much higher rarity than an Uncommon. This cowboy Digimon, stepping out of its card, looks really sinister and incredibly cool. Artist Kazumasa Yasukuni has put a lot of detail into this Digimon, right down to the scratches and welding points of his gun leg. 

Next Adventure Art

Eyesmon & Nidhoggmon

Eyesmon and Nidhoggmon are Digimon that have only existed since 2020 when they appeared in the rebooted Digimon Adventure series. Both of these cards, illustrated by Itohiro, have a fairytale art style with a nightmarish twist, with Nidhoggmon climbing over a castle while Eyesmon lurches through an ancient city. 

Next Adventure Art


When it comes to creating creepy card art, the Digimon Card Game never disappoints. The new Cherubimon cards are perfect examples of this. The standard version, illustrated by Ishibashi Yosuke, is actually my favourite of the two because of the ominous way the Digimon has been portrayed and the Pennywise vibes it gives off. 

Next Adventure Art

MetalGreymon Alternate Art 

The artwork of the alternate art MetalGreymon is on the box of the Next Adventure set and for good reason too. This card was illustrated by Tonamikanji, who always does a phenomenal job of capturing depth in his work, like the sword stabbing forward on the Omnimon Zwart Defeat card.


The artwork of DarkKnightmon does this Digimon’s Debut justice. It makes sense for this knight Digimon to be seen dominating the battlefield, looking like the sole victor of a huge battle. I think choosing Naochika Morishita to illustrate this card was a good decision, as he proved he was more than capable of doing a good job after the work he did on the bust secret rares of the Battle Spirits TCG

Next Adventure Art


Eosmon is another recently created Digimon that was introduced in the Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna movie. There is a lot going on in this full art, but the vibrant colours and the shadowing on the Ultimate form of Eosmon really works. I really like how this art has taken over most of the card, with just a small amount of the border left visible. 

Calling From the Darkness

The last card in our list, Calling From the Darkness, is a fun one. It shows the devious Impmon and Dracmon luring a gullible Guilmon with a piece of meat. This card reminds me of some of the old Hyper Colosseum cards where cartoon humour was added to the illustrations. 

If you are a fan of the diverse art styles of the Digimon Card game and would like to learn more about the Illustrators behind them, click on the links below – 

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