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Digimon Card Game – The Value of Ghost Omnimon plummets

As soon as the incredibly rare Ghost Omnimon came onto the English market, it instantly skyrocketed in value, just like how its Japanese counterpart had almost six months before. While this card was branded by some to be the base set shadowless Charizard of Pokemon or the ‘Son Goku, The Awakened Power’ of the DBS CG, others believed that having a value of over $1000 was way too high, despite the cards incredible rarity. 

Well, with the recent shift in the market, it seems that it may not have been as valuable as people first thought, with prices plummeting to under half the asking prices seen in October when the card was first released.

‘Ghost’ Omnimon is the first of its kind within the Digimon TCG due to its low pull rate that is believed to be a one in three case chance. Considering that there are 12 booster boxes in one case, this card is among the most sought after in the game, along with the top tournament cards. It is an alternate art version with the exact artwork of the standard Omnimon BT1-084 card that came with the Special Booster 1.0, only with most of its colour removed and a textured foiling added. The inclusion of this card in the Double Diamond booster, which was released between October and November for the English game, was part of the Digimon Card Game 1st anniversary celebrations.

It was was during the initial release of the Double Diamond set that ‘Ghost’ Omnimon achieved its highest values. On October 16th, a copy sold for $1925 after 16 bids, with two more selling for $1172 and $1399 on October 17th and October 18th. Between November 10th and November 14th, raw copies of ‘Ghost’ Omnimon sold for around $1200, but by the end of that month, prices started to drop. Between November 24th and November 29th, multiple copies sold for $800.

Ghost Omnimon value

On December 2nd, a copy sold for $695, with others selling for $720 on December 5th, $650 on December 8th and $680 on December 9th. It is the most recent sales that have seen the lowest prices yet, with two copies going for around $500 on December 13th, with the last one, that sold on December 15th, selling for $535 after 13 bids. It is only natural for cards to decrease in value following the first month of their release, which is especially true for the higher rarity cards of the set. When it comes to ‘Ghost’ Omnimon, however, we are seeing them sell for over half of what they were going for in the first week. 

Ghost Omnimon value

With prices at their lowest across the board for the Digimon TCG, many are taking the opportunity to invest in their collections. Like any thriving market, prices dip and rise all of the time and the Digimon TCG is no different. Although this is the lowest value for ‘Ghost’ Omnimon to date, it doesn’t mean that it won’t go back to, or even surpass, the prices we saw in October and November. It took a couple of years for  ‘Son Goku, The Awakened Power’ to achieve its peak value, with a PSA 10 graded copy going from a $1200 card in April 2019 to a $15000 card in March 2021. Will we see the same thing happen in the future for ‘Ghost’ Omnimon? 

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