Digimon Card Game – Top 5 Angewomon Cards

Angewomon is a Digimon that appeared in the very first season of the Digimon anime and has since earned legendary status among many fans of the franchise. This angelic Digimon first appeared within the Special Booster 1.5 set and has since gone on to have several cards based on her. 

Angewomon (ST3-09) –  Tamer Battle Pack 1

One of the most valuable Angewomon cards in the Digimon Card Game came with the very first Tamer Battle Pack, which also happened to be the first alt-art reprint of the Angewomon that came with the Heaven’s Yellow Starter Deck. The Tamer Battle Pack 1 could be won at store tournaments, which included five cards in total. 

Angemon (BT3-039) – 1-Year Anniversary Promo Pack

If you are getting this view of Angewomon while in battle, it’s too late to run! For a Digimon who is righteous, she sure seems to be enjoying aiming her Celestial Arrow at point-blank range. Many fans of the original Digimon series may recognise the moment depicted in the card as the time Angewomon deleted Myotismon in a spectacular fashion. This promo came with the 1-Year Anniversary Promo Pack, handed out to those who purchased Double Diamond boosters. 


Angewomon (EX3-034) – Draconic Roar

The latest set heading to the Japanese version of the Digimon Card Game, which will eventually hit the English game in November, will be Draconic Roar. Along with several new Dragon-type Digimon cards, yellow will also get a brand new Angewomon card. The artwork of this card, created by sunohara, is playful and angelic. A nice detail in the background is Magnadramon floating around, who is one of the four great dragons that will feature in the Draconic Roar booster set. 

Angemon Alt Art (EX1-030) – Classic Collection

Some consider the ‘oldies the best’, which could definitely apply to the Angewomon card that came with the Classic Collection back in December, which paid homage to the original Digimon Card Game known as Hyper Colosseum in Japan. Western audiences got the same artwork and style in the Digi-Battle Card Game, which had revised rules. It’s clear that Bandai are proud of its past, making the playable Digimon Card Game cards look almost identical to the originals. 


Angewomon – Official Tournament Pack Vol.3

It seems that even arrows created from celestial energy are not beneath being scrutinised for quality! Ryodan always does an incredible job of creating soft, well-lit pieces and this Angewomon that came with the Official Tournament Pack Vol.3 is no different. This pack was given out as prizes, alongside the Double Diamond Winner Packs. 


These are just a few of our own favourite Angewomon cards, with other fantastic designs not mentioned in this article. Interestingly, Angewomon is yet to branch out from the yellow colour, like Angemon already has. Could we see this Digimon gain a dual colour in the future? If you want to stay up to date with all the latest reveals for upcoming sets, as well as all other TCG news,  make sure you follow Ludkins Media on Instagram or Facebook.

Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media

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