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Digimon Card Game – Top Alt Arts of Digital Hazard

One thing that makes the Digimon Card Game stand out among other TCGs is the volume and diversity of the alternate arts, offering up unique options that are always incredibly collectable. The latest set heading to the Digimon Card Game, EX02 Digital Hazard, will inject the latest batch of alternate arts into the game and will no doubt change up the market landscape. 


Beelzemon has been a fan favourite since the release of the Digimon Tamers series. After accepting Caturamon’s offer, Impmon Digivolves into this fierce Digimon, wielding his cherished twin guns, the Berenjena.With the last Beelzemon card coming with the first booster of the TCG, having a new card has been a long time coming. In fact, Digital Hazard will include several Beelzemon cards that make up the brand new archetype. To learn more, you can check out our article here

Digital Hazard alt arts

Digimon and Tamer cards – 

Several alt arts showing Digimon along with their Tamers will be included in the Digital Hazard booster. Many of these cards show scenes from the anime, which is a nice touch as the latest EX booster focuses on Digimon Tamers series. This includes Rika and Renamon, Takato and Guilmon and the adorable trio, Ai, Makoto and Impmon. 

Digital Hazard alt arts
Digital Hazard alt arts

Gallantmon: Crimson Mode

Gallantmon: Crimson Mode is one of the two SECs of the set, which will mean that this card will be one of the most valuable of the set, as alt art SECs usually are.  The alt art version of Gallantmon: Crimson Mode shows the Royal Knight Digimon taking hold of the divine lance of light, Gungnir, and the divine sword of light, Blutgang. Gallantmon fans will no doubt want to add this alt art SEC to their collection. 


If there was ever a Digimon who looks for all-out warfare, it’s MegaGargomon.That’s apparent in the artwork of the MegaGargomon alternate artwork, as we see the colossal machine Digimon taking gunfire like it is nothing. This artwork, created by Naochika Morishita, is incredibly realistic and is one of my favourite artworks by this artist. 

Digital Hazard alt arts


Sakuyamon is often shown to be an elegant and serene looking Digimon, that is why this artwork really stands out and shows the Digimon in a brand new light. Sakuyamon will play a big part in the newest Renamon chain heading to the Digimon Card Game, which will focus on using the Plug-In cards also coming with Digital Hazard. 

EX-02 Digital Hazard is made up of 74 types of Cards – 26 Common, 20 Uncommon,18 Rare,8 SR and 2 SEC. This set, which was released in December for the Japanese version of the Digimon Card Game, will hit the English game on June 24th.To keep up to date with all the latest Digimon TCG related news, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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