Digimon Card Game – Top artwork of X-Record

Each set of the Digimon Card Game has included incredible and memorable card artwork, from the Beelzemon alt art from Special release 1.0 to the connecting SECs of the Great Legend booster. When it comes to the next main set of the TCG, X Record, some of the artists have truly outdone themselves and created pieces that truly do the focus Digimon justice. In this article, we share our favourite card art from the X-Record booster. 


Many will remember Ordinemon from the Digimon Adventure tri film series. Ordinemon is the result of Ophanimon Falldown Mode and Raguelmon DNA Digivolving into the dark and powerful Ordinemon. The artwork for this Digimon is haunting – appearing more like a character from a horror movie rather than a Digimon. 

Digimon X-Record

Omnimon: Merciful Mode

Omnimon: Merciful Mode will be a special card in the X-Record booster, not only because both cards look incredible, but also because it is incredibly useful in play. Although both cards look great, our favourite is the alternate art showing the angelic-looking Holy Knight looking down in an intimidating pose. 

Digimon X-Record


The artwork of the X-Program Option card is incredibly sad, with poor Digimon falling to the deadly effects of the X-Program. The X-Program was a program executed by King Drasil to deal with the overpopulation of the Digital world. As a result, 98% of Digimon were cruelly deleted. 

Digimon X-Record

Gallantmon X Anti-body

Throwing itself into the sacred battle and having the X-Antibody, Gallantmon gains the sacred armour turning it into its more powerful form. What is special about the Gallantmon X Anti-body standard and alt art cards is that, despite being illustrated by two different artists, the two scenes follow on from each other, with the Digimon turning with its sacred lance.

WarGreymon X Anti-body

WarGreymon has been a Digimon who has seen a lot of coverage in the Digimon Card Game, from main sets to tournament cards. With the inclusion of the X Anti-Body form, it’s refreshing to see the fan favourite Digimon in a different light. In this alt art, we see the Digimon seemingly defying space and time, charged with blue energy. WarGreymon X Anti-body will be part of the new X Anti-body Agumon chain coming with the X-Record set. 

These are just a few of our favourite cards. Which card art are you most looking forward to collecting? X-Record will follow the release of the second EX set, Digital Hazard. This set will focus on the incredibly powerful X-Antibody Digimon that have appeared in several movies and manga, including Digital Monster X-Evolution and Digimon Chronicle. This set, that released in Japan on February 25th, will release on July 29th for the US and other regions and August 12th for the UK.

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Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media


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