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Digimon Card Game – Top cards to look out for in EX02 Digital Hazard

EX02 Digital Hazard releases tomorrow in Europe, Latin America and North America! This smaller set, similar to the Classic Collection that was released last winter, will include several new archetypes, debuting Digimon and plenty of higher rarity alternate arts. In this article, we share the top cards to look out for when getting stuck into your booster packs over the weekend. 

SECs – 
As is often the case, the most valuable cards of the EX02 Digital Hazard set are the SEC alt art cards. This includes the Beelzemon support coming with this set, as well as Gallantmon Crimson Mode, who will be part of the Guilmon chain. The Beelzemon: Blast Mode alt art is the most valuable card of the booster, which is merited by the popularity of the focus Digimon and its usefulness in the new Beelzemon archetype.  That of course doesn’t mean that the regular SECs won’t hold high values also.

EX02 Digital Hazard
Beelzemon: Blast Mode EX2-074 (Alt Art)
Beelzemon: Blast Mode EX2-074 
EX02 Digital Hazard
Gallantmon: Crimson Mode EX2-073 (Alt Art)
Gallantmon: Crimson Mode EX2-073 

Top SRs – 

With the last Beelzemon card coming with the first booster of the TCG, having a new card has been a long time coming. In fact, Digital Hazard will include several Beelzemon cards that make up the brand new archetype. To learn more, you can check out our article here. It’s clear why the alt art Sakuyamon will be popular in EX02, as this Digimon is often shown to be an elegant and serene-looking one. This artwork depicts her ferocity in battle and clearly shows she is a force to be reckoned with. The Gallantmon alt art is personally my new favourite artwork from As’Maria, giving the Digimon incredible depth while in the midst of battle along with the artist’s trademark realistic 3D effect artwork.

EX02 Digital Hazard
Beelzemon EX2-044 (Alt Art)
Sakuyamon EX2-024 (Alt Art)
EX02 Digital Hazard
Gallantmon EX2-011 (Alt Art)

Tamers – 

Debuting for the first time in the Digimon Card Game, Rika and Takato will be an important part of the Renamon and Guilmon chains. It’s rare to find Tamer cards on the higher value end of a set, but the iconic full artwork, and the fact that this is the introduction of these Tamers, has helped bump their price tag up. 

Rika Nonaka EX2-060 (Alt Art)
EX02 Digital Hazard
Takato Matsuki EX2-056 (Alt Art)

Two cards which many players and collectors will want to get their hands on, the artwork of these alt arts are next level. Another Tamer duo coming to the Digimon Card Game is Ai & Makoto, who are best known for their adorable relationship with Impmon. On that note, a new Impmon alt art card is also coming with the Digital Hazard, showing the trio all together. 

Ai & Makoto EX2-065 (Alt Art)
EX02 Digital Hazard
Impmon EX2-039 (Alt Art)

Now that ex02 Digital Hazard is almost here for the English game, which was released last year in Japan, we are now getting reveals for the third EX set, Draconic Roar. Despite the set’s name, it will also include other brand new archetypes and debuting Digimon other than Dragon-type Digimon. If you would like to learn more about this set and the first cards revealed, you can read our article here

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Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media

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