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Digimon Card Game – Top SRs of Xros Encounter

The Xros Encounter set was released in Japan back in May, with the English release coming on October 14th. Although this set will focus on Digimon Fusion (Xros) and feature Digimon from that series, it doesn’t mean that fan favourites won’t make an appearance in this latest expansion. 

Disclaimer: The English cards shown in this article come from DigimonCard.dev and may differ from the official release.

Sakuyamon: Maid Mode

Sakuyamon: Maid Mode will play a big part in the new Renamon deck coming with the Xros Encounter booster set. This archetype will work with ‘Plug-In’ cards, such as Strength Plug-in O and Defensive Plug-in C. In fact,  this Digimon will allow you to play a plugin or yellow Option card for free, although the card used will replenish your security stack. Being able to Digivolve into a Sakuyamon for just 1 cost when attacking is also a great effect. 

Digimon Xros Encounter

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Jesmon (X Antibody)

Jesmon is getting a lot of love this fall, with not only a Starter Deck but also a new Jesmon  (X Antibody) card coming with the Xros Encounter booster. This card will work with Sistermon cards, allowing you to play one from your hand or trash for free. Also, if you have a Jesmon card in the Digivolution stack, you get to give your Digimon a nice +2000 DP increase, as well as allowing them to attack unsuspended Digimon until the end of your opponent’s turn. 

Digimon Xros Encounter

Shoutmon X5

BT10 Xros Encounter will also introduce new rules which will allow players to place specified cards from their hand or battle area into evolution sources to reduce the play cost of a Digimon. For example, with Shoutmon X5, for each Shoutmon, Ballistamon, Dorulumon, Starmons or Sparrowmon you can place from your hand or battle area to the bottom of the digivolution cards, you get to reduce the play cost of this card by one for each card you placed. 

Digimon Xros Encounter


Venusmon is another beauty of the Digital World, who is one of the Olympos XII gods. This will be the debut card for this Digimon in the English game, with her also appearing on the Healing Therapy Option card coming with Xros Encounter.Venusmon is a really nice Security Attack counter, reducing it by -1 and preventing Digimon with Security Attack from attacking or using their Digivolving and attacking effects. 

Digimon Xros Encounter

Omnimon (X Antibody)

Omnimon is a Digimon who needs no introduction for the Digimon Card Game, with Bandai’s favourite child getting yet another outing in the TCG. This time, it is the X Antibody version making an appearance, offering up its most powerful form yet. This card allows you to wipe your opponent’s most powerful Digimon from the field, by sending them to the bottom of the deck. Also, by removing an X Antibody Digimon from Omnimon (X Antibody) stack, you get to look at your opponent’s security stack and choose one to send to the trash!

Xros Encounter will be the 10th main booster set of the Digimon card game. Not only will several Digimon make their debut for the first time, but the brand new DigiXros (fusion) mechanic will shake things up as an alternative way to get your strongest Digimon in play. 

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Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media Editor-in-Chief

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