Digimon Card Game – Top WarGreymon Cards

Despite being just over a year old, multiple versions of the same Digimon have been released in the Digimon card game, especially fan favourites like WarGreymon. Currently, there are 14 different versions of this card in the game, seven of which being alternate arts. With that being said, there are several that stand out among the rest, including a prize card
that is one of the most valuable cards in the entire game.

WarGreymon Alt Art (Special Booster 1.0)

A number of alternate art cards for the Special Booster 1.0 came with unique manga-style artwork with a minimal colour palette, including the full art WarGreymon. This is one of the only WarGreymon cards not to be depicted in an attack and shares a lot of similarities with the WarGreymon card that came with the Classic Collection that uses the Digimon reference art. This was the second WarGreymon card to be included in this booster, with the other belonging to the red colour. 

Digimon Card Game WarGreymon

WarGreymon Alt Art (Classic Collection) 

The Classic Collection is a set that pays homage to the predecessor of the Japanese Digimon Card Game, Hyper Colosseum, as well as its Western equivalent, the Digi-Battle Card Game. The alternate arts of this set not only borrow the exact artwork, only slightly polished, but also replicate the borders and card icons. The WarGreymon alternate art card screams nostalgia and is a reminder that Digimon themed card games have a rich history that date back to the 90s.

WarGreymon (Event Pack) 

The WarGreymon card that came with the July Evolution Cup 2021 Event Pack is an alternate art version of the Gaia Red starter. This card stands out for its illustration, showing the tremendous power of this Mega Digimon while charging the Terra Force attack. This card will be making a return in the Final Championship Event Pack Set, which will have a gold stamp on it.

Digimon Card Game WarGreymon

WarGreymon (Championship Prize) 

At the beginning of January, Bandai revealed the four framed prize cards that will be awarded to the top players of the Final Championships. The players who took the second place at this event were awarded this WarGreymon card. The artwork of this prize card is very similar to that of the standard WarGreymon that came with the Special Booster 1.0, despite being an alternate art for the version that came with the Gaia Red starter deck. The circuit board backgrounds first seen with the Special Booster 1.0 alternate arts and promo cards have returned, which is a nice head nod to the early days of the Digimon Card Game.

WarGreymon (Premier TO) 

The WarGreymon alternate art was the top prize card for the Premier TO event, awarded to those who placed in the top 8. Up until the Evolution Cup and the release of the Double Diamond booster, this WarGreymon was the most valuable card in the entire Digimon TCG. What makes the Premier TO WarGreymon very special, as well as the other two cards, is that their alternate art versions are exclusive to the English game. Usually, cards are introduced into the Japanese version of the Digimon TCG months before the English, which makes these prize cards even more desirable to collectors.

Digimon Card Game WarGreymon

With Agumon and its chain being incredibly popular among Digimon fans, we will no doubt see more cards appear in the future. In fact, the upcoming New Awakened set will include a new Black Agumon chain which will have an interesting deck mechanic. If you would like to read more of our ‘Top 5’ style articles, click on the links below –

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