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Digimon Card Game – Ulforceveedramon DC-1 Grand Prix prize card sells for $1650!

An Ulforceveedramon DC-1 Grand Prix prize card has sold for $1650 after a buyer accepted a ‘Buy It Now’ price on eBay. This impressive value is down to its rarity and exclusivity for the winners of the DC-1 Grand Prix. 

The UlforceVeedramon prize card was awarded to the top players of the DC-1 Grand Prix event that kicked off in September 2021. Although there were other fantastic prize cards up for grabs, including the Veedramon and AeroVeedramon alt arts, it was the UlforceVeedramon, which was handed out to the top 8 players of each event, that really stole the show. The Ulforceveedramon DC-1 Grand Prix prize card is an alternate art version of the SR version that came with the Special Booster 1.5, showing the Mega Digimon in a triumphant stance. UlforceVeedramon debuted in the Digimon Data Squad anime which only aired  48 episodes, making it the shortest of all Digimon anime series.

Ulforceveedramon DC-1 Grand Prix

Because of the incredible rarity of this card, there have been limited sales of this card since the Grand Prix. This latest $1650 sale shows an increase in the value of this raw card, compared to when the card first released. Back in November, when the first cards started hitting the market, it was selling for around $1000. By January, that value went up to $1450 with a BGS 9 selling for $1800. In February, its value raised further, with a copy selling for $1700 with barely any sales being seen since. 

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