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Digimon Card Game – Ultimate Cup Top Prize Cards

Registrations for the next big event in the Digimon Card Game, the Ultimate Cup, are now open. This event, which kicked off on April 24th, will be a successor to last year’s Evolution Cup and will offer some brand new prize cards that no doubt achieve the same incredible rarity and value as the Omnimon alt art from the Evolution Cup, WarGreymon from the Premier TO events and the UlforceVeedramon from the DC-1 Grand Prix.


The top 32 players will get their hands on this incredible looking Paildramon alt art ahead of its release in the Ultimate Ancient Dragon deck in May. This mix of classic and modern artwork on Paildramon is really nice and the gold foiling in the background, which shows the Digimon’s previous fused forms, really helps the card pop. This card, like the other top prize cards, has the event name and logo printed on it. This will make them a nice keepsake for those who earned them through play. 

Ultimate Cup prize

Imperialdramon Fighter Mode

Players who finish in the top 8 will win the Imperialdramon Fighter Mode alt art promo card, which we won’t see until the release of the New Awakening booster on May 9th. Naochika Morishita, the artist behind the connecting SECs of the Great Legend booster, has worked his magic again, illustrating Imperialdramon Fighter Mode in his classic life-like style.

Ultimate Cup prize

Omnimon alt art

The top 2 players of April’s Ultimate Cup won the newest variation of Omnimon, which was the top prize card of last year’s Evolution cup. This time, however, the stamp has changed to mirror this latest event. This is a great way of continuing the circulation of the much sought after card without taking away the importance and rarity of last year’s version, which has become one of the most valuable cards in the entire game. 

Imperialdramon Paladin Mode

This Imperialdramon Paladin Mode alt art Promo Card will be the latest top champion prize card to enter the Digimon Card Game, which will take its throne beside the other top prize such as the Evolution Cup Omnimon, the Premier TO WarGreymon and the UlforceVeedramon from the DC-1 Grand Prix. To keep things uniform, Naochika Morishita was also tasked with the illustration of the top prize card.  Morishita was also the artist behind the Premier TO WarGreymon prize which was the first big prize card of the game. 

Ultimate Cup prize

2021 was filled with plenty of competitive play which introduced several alt art prize cards that currently hold the highest values in the entire game. With the addition of the Ultimate Cup prize cards, as well as the framed prize cards awarded to the top players of the Championship Finals and the World Championships, even more four-figure value cards will be entering the Digimon Card Game market. To learn about the most expensive cards in the game, check out our links below – 

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