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Despite being in the latter part of 2022, Bandai still has plenty of fantastic sets, collections and products still to hit shelves. From the first ‘Expert’ deck to the last main booster of the year, in this article, we share all the upcoming Digimon Card Game products of the Digimon Card Game.

Digimon Card Game Playmat and Card Set 2 -Floral Fun (September 2022)

The Floral Fun Playmat and Card Set will come with eight parallel cards in each binder. Each card has some super soft, traditional Japanese artwork, marking a first for this kind of art style. Similar to the original promo binder that was given away as part of the sweepstakes competition when the TCG first launched, this set will include the eight original Tamer companions – Tentomon, Patamon, Gomamon, Biyomon, Palmon, Agumon, Gatomon and Gabumon. 

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Digimon Card Game Tamer’s Set 4 (September 2022)

The Digimon Card Game Tamer’s Set 4 will include an official playmat and a pack of 60 card sleeves both sharing the same artwork. The artwork is a nice tribute to the original Agumon promo card that was released to help promote the Digimon Card Game, with the rookie forms now digivolved into their Champion forms.

Digimon Card Game release

Starter Deck (ST12) Jesmon and Starter Deck (st13) RagnaLoardmon (October 14th)

The next starter decks hitting the English version of the Digimon Card Game will be themed on the Holy Knight Jesmon and the DNA Digivolved RagnaLoardmon. The Jesmon deck will include a whole cast of supporting Digimon, including the Huckmon line, Gankoomon and the Sistermon duo, while RagnaLoardmon will include Digimon with the Legend-Arm trait, like the Zubamon and Ludomon chain, which is fitting for a RagnaLoardmon themed starter deck. 

Premium Deck Set (October 14th, 2022)

The first Premium Deck Set is heading to the Digimon Card Game this October and will feature 3 of the 6 alt arts from the Limited Card Set Online which was released in Japan. These cards are BT6-109 Fly Bullet, BT6-093 Judgement of the Blade and BT7-106 Brave Metal.

Booster Xros Encounter (October 14th)

Xros Encounter will be the 10th main booster set of the Digimon card game and will focus on the Digimon Fusion series, which was known as Xros Wars in Japan. Not only will several Digimon make their debut for the first time, but the brand new DigiXros (fusion) mechanic will shake things up as an alternative way to get your strongest Digimon in play. 

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Digimon Card Game Gift Box 2 (November 4th, 2022)

From what can be seen from the leaked image, the Digimon Card Game Gift Box 2 will include four Draconic Roar booster packs. The promo card for this set is yet to be revealed, although it is safe to say it will be a dragon-type Digimon. With Chaosdromon shown on the box art of the set, could this Digimon also be the promo?

Digimon Card Game release

Draconic Roar (November 11th, 2022)

Draconic Roar will be the third EX set themed around dragon and dinosaur-type Digimon. It is fitting that Chaosdromon fronts this booster, as he was introduced into the franchise within the Pendulum virtual pets series with the similarly named ‘Dragon’s Roar’. This Pendulum let Tamers raise their Gigimon and introduced DNA digivolutions to the handheld devices.If you would like to check out the first card reveals for this set, click here. 

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Digimon card Game Tamers Set Vol.5 (December)

The exclusive 60 x card sleeves coming with the Tamers Set Vol.5 have an X Antibody theme. The play mat coming with this collection has the never before seen full artwork of the connecting Omnimon X Antibody (BT5-111) and Alphamon (BT6-111) cards printed on it. Bandai has also improved on the previous Tamer Set by including the memory counter at the top of the mat.

Digimon Card Game releases to look forward to in 2023 – 

Dimensional Phase (Date TBD)

At the moment, very little is known about the Dimensional Phase booster, which releases in Japan on September 30th. The pack art of BT11 Dimensional Phase was recently revealed on the Official Japanese Digimon Card Game YouTube channel. Three partially hidden cards that are currently being designed were also teased. These will be parallel versions of UlforceVeedramon, Machinedramon, and Mastemon, which are believed to be much rarer cards in the league of Ghost Omnimon and Ghost Alphamon, although this is yet to be confirmed. 

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ST14 Advance Deck Beelzemon

Advance Deck Beelzemon will include the main deck, a playmat, 60 card sleeves, and extra cards to customise the deck. With each deck, you will also be able to pull cards with special foil designs, although the pull rates will be incredibly low. Interestingly, bonus reprints will come with the deck, that are not all related to Beelzemon and even include different colours. 

Memorial Collection 25th Anniversary

What is really exciting about the Memorial Collection 25th Anniversary set is the diversity of the artwork, which is among the most creative we have seen in a while. This is a celebration of the V-Pet devices that started the Digimon franchise off. All card arts are themed on the original Digimon lineup from the first V-Pet device (Ver.1), excluding the Digitama.

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Digimon Frontier 20th Memorial Set 

The Memorial Collection Frontier 20th Anniversary set will contain eight alternate arts, two different sets of sleeves ( 5 Digi-Egg sleeves and 50 normal sleeves) and a playmat showing a mirror image of Frontier Digimon standing off against each other. Each of the alt art coming with the Memorial Collection Frontier 20th Anniversary will have two copies of each included, making it more attractive to players looking for a play set. 

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