Digimon Card Game – Upcoming products of 2022

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The first part of 2022 is looking incredibly promising, with several new boosters and products injecting some seriously cool mechanics, archetypes and artwork into the game. Last year was the birth of the Digimon Card Game, but with dual colours and the focus on other Digimon anime series, including Tamers and Frontier, it’s time for the game to evolve! 

March 4th –  Next Adventure Booster

The next upcoming booster in the Digimon Card Game will be the Next Adventure set. This set will focus on the Digimon Frontier series, introducing hybrid Digimon to the TCG. These include Lucemon: Chaos Mode, the antagonist of the anime series, and Susanoomon, who is the culmination of all twenty Digi-Spirits. 

This set will include new mechanics and archetypes, as well as some seriously impressive artwork. If you would like to learn more about the Next Adventure set and the cards coming with it, check out our articles below – 

Digimon Card Game – The best art of Next Adventure

Digimon Card Game – Next Adventure SECs

Digimon Card Game – Next Adventure SR Set

Next Adventure Box Toppers and Promos – Inherited Effects for Tamers!

April 29th – New Hero Booster

The New Hero Booster set will focus on the Digimon Adventure 02 anime series and will introduce new Keyword Effects and Tamers, as well as the Armor Digivolution and DNA Digivolution forms. Another exciting development this set will bring is dual colour cards, which will offer up more deck combinations. 

Digimon Card Game Products

Some of the alternate arts of this set are among the best we’ve seen within the Digimon Card Game. If you would like to check all of them out, as well as other cards coming with the New Hero booster, click on the links below – 

Digimon TCG: New Hero Alternate Arts

Pulsemon and Myotismon New Hero Reveals!

Digimon TCG New Hero – Greymon Cards

April 29th – Starter Decks: Ultimate Ancient Dragon & Parallel World Tactician

The artwork on the boxes of both of these new starter decks have two Digimon teaming up together in dual coloured cards.  We have already had a few dual colour cards introduced into the TCG in recent sets, but this will be the first time that a Starter Deck strays from one particular colour type, opening up more possibilities for deck construction. 

Digimon Card Game Products

The Japanese release of these boosters come with a promo Imperialdramon Dragon Mode for the Ultimate Ancient Dragon starter deck, while Parallel World Tactician comes with a Mastemon promo. It is unknown whether the English versions of these starter decks will also come with these promos, but the likelihood is high as the previous starter decks have mirrored the Japanese releases. 

May – Tamer’s Evolution Box 2 

The first Tamer Evolution box went down extremely well when the Digimon Card Game first began, with it actually having a value boost after they became increasingly hard to source. In May, the second Tamer’s Evolution Box will hit stores, which will be jam-packed with goodies. This set will include a 2-player memory gauge, a deck box, 50 card sleeves and 5 digi-egg sleeves, an official Digimon Card Game playmat, a storage box and 8 full-art reprinted cards that come with both English and Japanese versions.

Digimon Card Game Products

June –  Tamer’s Set EX 

The Tamer’s Set EX will come with an official card case sporting an exclusive design for the product. It will also come with 60 deck sleeves and a memory gauge, also featuring an exclusive design. 

June – Digimon Tamers Playmat and Card Set

This set will include an official Digimon Card Game playmat featuring an exclusive design. This set will focus on the Digimon Tamers series, with the playmat and the 8 promo cards reflecting this. 

Digimon Card Game Products

June 24th –  Digital Hazard EX-02

This set, much like the Classic Collection, will be more limited than the standard booster but will be jam-packed with brand new archetypes and incredible artwork. Digital Hazard will include 30 alt arts, with many of them taking scenes straight out of the anime for the card art. Among these types of cards are the Tamers of the set, as well as the D-Reaper cards.

Digimon Card Game Products

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