Digimon Card Game X-Record: Agumon X-Antibody line

On July 29th, the next main booster set is heading to the English version of the Digimon Card Game. X-Record will introduce powerful X-Antibody forms, new mechanics, debuting Digimon and several new deck archetypes. One such archetype will be the new Agumon X-Antibody line, which will show these fan favourite Digimon in a whole new light.

Disclaimer – Some of the images & text used in this article are English concepts created by Digimon.Dev and may differ from the official cards.

Digimon Card Game X-Record Agumon
Digimon Card Game X-Record Agumon

Koromon & Agumon X-Antibody – 

Although this new Koromon will be useful in the new Agumon X-Antibody line, it isn’t limited to the archetype. In fact, this Koromon will likely replace the previous ones for certain decks. The art of the card has been created by Koki in the artist’s telltale art style. Seeing the blue lines on Agumon’s back, just like its later forms, is so satisfying. This card has a really helpful search ability that can help search out the cards you need for its Digivolution chain.

Digimon Card Game X-Record Agumon

Greymon X-Antibody & MetalGreymon X-Antibody 

Despite being an Uncommon card, this has to be one of my favourite artworks of the Agumon X-Antibody line. Another card created by Koki, you can see all the defined muscles and the shine of the blue stripes covering its body. The X-Antibody version of MetalGreymon has one of the most striking differences when compared to its regular version. Instead of rounded metal pieces on his head and claw, they are more sharp and flat. When Digivolving, this Digimon gains Security Attack +1 and can gain a nice +3000 extra DP if you have a MetalGreymon or an X-Antibody beneath it. 

Gaia Force Zero

If you have an X Antibody digivolution card in play, you can reduce the memory cost of this card by 2. Its main effect deletes one of your opponent’s cards with 13000 DP or less and then lets one of your Greymon cards attack your opponent’s security. The security effect of Gaia Force Zero is also extremely useful, allowing you to delete any of your opponent’s Digimon. If you would like to check out these cards and others released with the X-Record set, check out our article here

Digimon Card Game X-Record Agumon

WarGreymon X-Antibody

The X-Antibody version of WarGreymon makes taking out your opponent’s security stack even more beneficial, as you get to gain 1 memory for doing so. If this card has a WarGreymon or X-Antibody card beneath it, you can delete an opponent’s Digimon with DP lower or equal to this one, which is a nice way to help clear the field. This artwork was created by Sasasi, who is incredibly talented at creating depth in his Digmon TCG artwork. This can be seen within this card, with a concerned-looking Agumon seen in the background, while WarGreymon’s claw reaches out of the border of the card. To learn more about this illustrator, check out our article here

For those of you who have not seen all of the Digimon movies or read all of the manga, the X-Antibody Digimon appeared in Digital Monster X-Evolution, Digimon Chronicle, Digimon Chronicle X and Digimon D-Cyber. In these stories, X-Antibody is a vaccine that makes a Digimon immune to the X-Program, which is designed to delete all Digimon. Those who can resist deletion due to the X-Antibody become altered yet more powerful forms of their original counterparts. 

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