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Digimon Card Game – X-Record Booster Packaging revealed

The packaging for the BT-9: X-Record has been revealed, showing the card art of Alphamon on the front of it. The colour palette of the new packaging contrasts with anything we have previously seen on booster box/pack art, giving it a darker and more grounded tone.  With the aloof Royal Knight taking up the mantel as the focus Digimon of the set, what other X-Antibody Digimon can we expect?

X-Record Booster
X-Record Booster

For those of you who have not seen all of the Digimon movies or read all of the manga, the X-Antibody Digimon appeared in Digital Monster X-Evolution, Digimon Chronicle, Digimon Chronicle X and Digimon D-Cyber. In these stories, X-Antibody is a vaccine that makes a Digimon immune to the X-Program, which is designed to delete all Digimon. Those who can resist deletion due to the X-Antibody become altered yet more powerful forms of their original counterparts. Having these new forms give illustrators a lot of creative freedom when drawing the X-Antibody forms, as many of the Digimon appear more ferocious, deadly and developed. Incredible examples of this can be seen in the Magnamon X-Antibody, Garurumon X-Antibody and OmegaShoutmon X-Antibody cards. 

The X-Record booster set is made up of 112 cards, which is broken down into 44 Commons, 30 Uncommons, 26 Rares, 10 Super Rares and two Secret Rares. It is unknown what cards will be included in any BoxTopper, Campaign or Promo packs, although it is likely that they won’t focus on Tamers as the Digimon X-Evolution movie didn’t feature any human characters. 

With Alphamon taking centre stage on the X-Record packaging, could this mean that he will be taking the place of Omnimon, who has been a huge focus for the Digimon TCG,  within future releases? This Digmon did play a huge part in the X-Evolution movie and even faces off against Omnimon during the film. Maybe we will even see Alphamon’s Ouryuken form in this set as an SEC? 

X-Record Booster

The  X-Record booster will first release in Japan on February 25th before coming to the English version of the game later on in the year. To learn more about the cards coming with this new set, head over to our article here.  

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