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Digimon Card Game: X-Record – Dexmon cards revealed

The next set coming to the Japanese version of the Digimon Card Game will be the X-Record booster, focusing on the incredibly powerful X-Antibody Digimon that have appeared in several movies and manga, including Digital Monster X-Evolution, Digimon Chronicle, Digimon Chronicle X and Digimon D-Cyber. With card reveals slowly trickling in for this new set, we have now seen the first Dexmon cards to enter the Digimon Card Game. 

When you have a Digimon with [X-Antibody] in traits in play, you may use this card ignoring color restrictions.

[Main] 1 of your Digimon can evolve into a Digimon from your trash containing “Dex” in its name by paying its evolution cost.

Security: Add this card to your hand.

The Dex-lution Option card will play a big part in the ‘Dex’ archetype, allowing you to Digivolve into a Digimon from the trash by paying its Digivolution cost. Playing Digimon this way will be extremely beneficial with cards such as the two DexDorugamon cards coming with X-Record. 

[When Played] By discarding 1 “X-Antibody type” from your hand, perform <Draw 2>.

Dorumon is not only great at putting ‘Dex’ cards in your trash to use later, but lets you draw 2 cards also. Other than that, this card is pretty standard for level 3.

X-Record Dexmon cards
Evolve: 0 from [Dorugamon]

[When Digivolving] You may trash 1 card with [Dex] in its name or with [X-Antibody] in its traits in your hand to gain 1 memory.

[When Digivolving] If this Digimon has [Dorugamon] in its digivolution cards or digivolved from the trash, 1 of your Digimon gains <Blocker> and <Retaliation> until the end of your opponent’s turn.

You can Digiviolve into this Digimon for free if you already have the Dorugamon, which will come with the Next Adventure booster releasing on March 4th. This Digimon has a handy way of gaining 1 memory and putting ‘Dex’ cards in the trash, which will come in useful for other cards in this archetype such as Dex-lution. In fact, if this Digimon is digivolved from the trash this way, then one of your Digimon will gain ‘Blocker’ and ‘Retaliation’ until the end of your opponent’s turn.

X-Record Dexmon cards

When this card is played, reduce the play cost by -3 for each of your opponent’s Digimon and tamer.

[When Play][When Evolved] All of your opponent’s Digimon [Devolve 1]. Then, delete all of your opponent’s LV4 or lower Digimon.

[End of Opponent’s Turn]<1 PerTurn> Delete all of your opponent’s lowest play cost Digimon.

Although Dexmon’s play cost may look insanely high at first glance, its effect that reduces the play cost by 3 for each of your opponent’s Digimon and Tamers looks far more manageable. In fact, in the right conditions, playing Dexmon could be incredibly easy. Once this Digimon is in play, it can wreak havoc on your opponent – Devolving their Digimon by 1, deleting their level 4 or lower Digimon and deleting all of their lowest play Digimon at the end of their turn. 

X-Record Dexmon cards

Evolve from “Dorugoramon” for 2 cost

[When Evolve] If Digimon has [Dorugoramon] in it’s evolution sources or evolve from trash, delete all of your opponent’s lowest Lv. Digimon.
[On Deletion] You may play a Black or Purple Lv.3 Digimon from trash without paying its cost. If you have 5 or more cards with [Dex] in name in your trash, play a [Dexmon] from your trash without paying its cost instead.

The second Dexdorugoramon card coming with the X-Record set can also Digivolve from Dorugoramon, only this one does have a pay cost of 2. If this Digimon is Digivolved from the trash, then you get to delete all of your opponent’s lowest level Digimon. Although being able to play a level 3 black or purple Digimon from the trash is really nice, the secondary ability that allows you to play a Dexmon for free, if you have 5 or more ‘Dex’ cards in your trash, will be insanely useful. 

X-Record Dexmon cards

If you have a Digimon with [Dex] in its name, you may use this Option card without meeting its color requirements.
[Main] Delete 1 Digimon without [X-Antibody] in its traits. If both players have 3 or more Digimon in play in total, delete all Digimon without [X-Antibody] in their traits instead.

Security Effect – [Security] Delete 1 Digimon without [X-Antibody] in its traits

Just like Dex-lution, as long as you have a ‘Dex’ card in its name, you can play this card without sticking to its colour requirements, which is helpful in a black and purple dual deck. This card is devastating for non X-Antibody Digimon, especially if there are 3 or more Digimon in play. The Security Effect of this Option card is also nice, being able to take out a non X-Antibody Digimon. 

The  X-Record booster will first release in Japan on February 25th before coming to the English version of the game later on in the year. To learn more about the cards coming with this new set, head over to our article here. The packaging for the BT-9: X-Record has also been revealed, showing the card art of Alphamon on the front of it. With the aloof Royal Knight taking up the mantel as the focus Digimon of the set, what other X-Antibody Digimon can we expect?

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Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media

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